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Love Letters – When You Know, You Know


Today on Marry Me Ink from Savannah Lauren Photography is Seth and Lauren’s gorgeous tattooed and bearded engagement shoot.


I met Seth two years ago. He was invited to join me and his sister Savannah for Indian food. About a year later, July 2015, I had accidentally invited him to an event where we watched a movie in the park. Seth came up to me and thanked me for inviting him. We started talking that day and we haven’t really stopped talking since.


I knew I wanted to marry Seth only a few weeks into dating him and I had never felt that way about anyone else. He felt the same way. It really is like they say “When you know, you know”. We both definitely knew! Seth was clear about his intentions with me and that helped us to build trust really quickly.

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Love Letters – A Cute, Urban Motel Engagement Shoot


Great news guys – We’re back up and running after about 10 days of technical difficulties! Today is the start of an abundance of wonderful tattooed posts coming your way!

First up is this tattooed beauty Emily and Joey’s engagement shoot from Terribly In Love Photography (Who is actually engaged to Emily’s cousin – how amazing?!) Emily was on Pinterest searching for tattooed bride and wedding inspiration when she came across the Marry Me Ink boards showing off all the amazing brides who do not try to hide their tattoos on their wedding day. Also, Emily and Joey have the most wonderful story of how they met..


Joey and I met in 2011 when I moved into the apartment above where he was living at the time in Seattle (it was an old Hollywood-style building where the doors go right outside, like a hotel). At first we just saw each other almost every day whenever we were coming or going, but never really spoke.  Once we finally introduced ourselves a couple of months later we quickly became really good friends, then best friends and even decided to move in together later on (still as friends) when both of our leases were up to a place in a different apartment building.


Long story short, we eventually realized that we had feelings for each other, so we decided to take the leap from friends to something more and never looked back. As terrifying as it was to put our friendship at risk like that it was, hands down, the best decision that either of us has ever made and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being in love with my best friend!


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So it’s been a while since we heard from Marry Me Ink’s blogging bride Jo.. She’s been uber busy at tattoo conventions (See her Instagram feed for it all!) and just general wedding planning. This edition is all about the venue!! (And oh my, it’s a good one!)


It has been a while… For which I am sorry! Life kind of ran away with me and I struggled to find a moment to collect and organise my thoughts. Once I had organised my thoughts, my Macbook decided to spectacularly end it’s own life and I lost all of my (somewhat chaotic) ramblings for the second instalment of ‘Blogging Bride’.

However, I am here now. And I have some new stories to share with you.

Thinking back to when I wrote the first instalment and reading back over what I wrote, it seems aeons ago that I began this journey from single gal to bride to be.

I suppose it seems obvious to say that planning a wedding can seem an incredibly daunting task when absolutely nothing has been arranged yet. So I started with the most basic task of deciding where and when we would tie the knot. Knowing full well that neither of us worship the sun, in fact I am about as pale as they come, we decided that a winter wedding would not only provide the cosy warmth of a Christmas party in the country, but more importantly would almost halve the cost of our venue!


We looked at Orchardleigh House near Frome, but to be honest it was a little grandiose for our needs and we wanted somewhere we could feel intimate with our guests.  A friend suggested that we visit Cleeve House, built in 1857 and just a stones throw from my parents home in Devizes, in the middle of beautiful countryside with rolling hills and gorgeous views it sounded perfect. 


Leigh and myself drove over to meet my Mum at Cleeve House and instantly we fell in love with it. It was like looking at the fairytale castle of a gothic princess from the outside. Inside a fire roared in a gigantic fireplace in the ‘great hall’ and that cosy Christmas feeling was almost overwhelming. I think we took all of 3 seconds to decide and confirm.

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Love Letters – Sunshine And Windmills


Today I get to introduce you to Brett & Mina. An awesome couple getting married in November and have the awesome Dan Hough Photography there to capture it all!


I first met Brett at a festival in Florida – in October 2010. This is a little bit of a contentious issue as we met through a group of his friends who had travelled from Cleveland, Ohio – who I all became great friends with, apart from him! We loosely kept in touch over the next few years, got to know each other better when I returned to the same festival in 2013, sang along to our favourite bands together and had a great time.


The subsequent intermittent and conservative conservation continued until the summer of 2014, when we spoke of returning for the same thing that year – I had already planned to fly to New York for 5 days beforehand, then down the country to Florida to meet him, as well as my other Cleveland friends. A few weeks beforehand, Brett changed his flights to join me in NYC – I often joke our first date was actually a two week holiday! Despite the risks I knew it was the right thing to do, and I’ve never once regretted that decision. After this we navigated the time difference and distance with late night FaceTime conversations and messages, then Brett finally booked flights before Christmas to join me here for three months from March, which have been perfect – we’ve travelled to Ireland, Belgium, and all around the UK (I even satisfied Brett’s inexplicable desire to visit Stonehenge) and back to his hometown of Cleveland, OH, just last week.

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