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A Foggy And Magical Nature Reserve Israel Wedding – Alex & Ariel

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride Alex and husband Ariel’s wedding celebrations. They decided to have their amazing reception at Neot Kedumim Nature Reserve ten days after their official ceremony where the awesome Gamba Photographers caught everything beautifully – including their adorable dogs! Bride Alex also purchased her gorgeous dress from Marry Me Ink’s favourite online fashion store ModCloth.

Ariel and I met through mutual friends, we had been talking on the phone for a while and went on a first date to a bar in 2010, got drunk and woke up the next morning. We have been together ever since.

The clothes we chose to wear represented us as a couple – the wedding dresses were both under $100, and the groom’s suit is all vintage pieces that we collected at the Kensington Market at Toronto. Everything is unique and simple, not too flashy and over the top just clean and simple.

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An Antique And 1920s Party, Full Of High Flying Fun – Ashley & Alyssa


Today’s wedding features two gorgeous tattooed brides Ashley and Alyssa. The day involved a helicopter entrance at the American Helicopter Museum, a bride in a tux and an amazing 1920s vibe, captured by the awesome BG Productions – an epic husband and wife team based in Philadelphia. Plus – What’s more awesome than pizza and donuts at a wedding?!


We went to different schools in the same neighborhood. We both noticed each other around town, but it wasn’t that hard to spot each other since neither of us shied away from bizarre and out of the ordinary styles. Eventually we were introduced by mutual friends. We dated for a few months but broke up after a misunderstanding and didn’t talk for about a year. Finally Ashley sent me a email saying she wanted to see me, she claims she couldn’t stay away any longer. Our first time seeing each other we went to Philadelphia for the 4th of July fireworks and she held me while we watched. We have been inseparable and completely in love since then. We see the fireworks every 4th of July since that first time Almost 9 years ago. Last year she proposed to me under the fireworks. It was really surreal.


Alyssa – I mean I came in on a helicopter and that probably should have been the highlight… But as soon as I got to the end of the isle and looked up to see my gorgeous wife waiting for me, the helicopter was quickly forgotten. I knew she said she was wearing a tux. But I didn’t have any idea what it was going to look like. Honestly I thought it was going to be frumpy. But it wasn’t she looked like such a rockstar. The rest of the day went really fast. But when I think back thats all I remember is her standing waiting for me.

Ashley – So this is kind of cliche but the truth is the walk down the isle is the first thing I think of every time the wedding comes into my head. I am never super impressed by wedding dresses, to me they are overpriced white dresses, but deep down, I knew that Alyssa was going to pull something spectacular out. We were never going for the traditional aspect in our wedding but one tradition I wanted to keep in tact was to not see my wife until she walked to me down the isle.  I wouldn’t change that image for anything in the world now. I have truly never seen her look so beautiful and I have never seen a wedding dress I have loved more. Her jewelry made her sparkle like a diamond and her eyes were so calm and almost crimson in color (I am not really sure how she pulled that off). I have never been so overwhelmed by her beauty. There may have been a tear or two..


“Everything about our wedding was unique to us. We didn’t put anything in because it was supposed to be there, we put it there because we love it.”

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A Modern Gastby Wedding – Alicia & Tyler


It’s Friday! And to round off the week, I get to share with you Alica and Tyler’s modern Gatsby wedding from Kristel Collins Photography. The gorgeous venue for their wedding I hear you ask? The Life Arts Centre – Full of amazing banquet halls in downtown Riverside, CA.  Kristel wore a gorgeous Maggie Sottero dress too!


We met at the age of 15 in youth group… We began dating in our Freshman year of High School but we eventually separated. We then found our way back to each other when we were 24 and have been inseparable ever since.


The highlight of our wedding day for me, was walking down the aisle… That is the one moment I had dreamed about since Tyler proposed. I just couldn’t wait to see his face! Even though we’d been dating on and off for about 14 years, I still had butterflies during that moment.

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A Colourful And Nature Filled Wedding In Milwaukee – Chrissy & Jesse

wisconsin wedding photographer - megan yanz photography_0047

Today I get to share with you a favourite wedding of mine from Wisconsin wedding photographer Megan Yanz Photography. Megan sent me Chrissy & Jesse’s wedding and I wanted it to be the first of 2015 due to it being so awesome! Chrissy’s tattoos look gorgeous and she did her hair and make-up herself. I love her hairpiece!

wisconsin wedding photographer - megan yanz photography_0041

We met in our church youth group when we were both in middle school, and we became close friends in early high school. However, we didn’t start dating until the summer after I graduated from high school and Jesse finished his first year of college. We were on a church trip in a tiny town called Axtel, Nebraska, and Jesse’s sister, Kelly, was my roommate. She told me that Jesse had a crush on me, but he was never going to do anything about it. So one night, I just kissed him. Two days later he asked me to be his girlfriend when I came to visit him at work. The rest is history.

wisconsin wedding photographer - megan yanz photography_0031

It was incredible and so, so special to have so many of our friends and family with us on our big day. Plus, my little brother, Cody, gave a hilarious one word speech. He stood up, buttoned a button on his tux, fixed his collar, and then just said, “Hodor” into the microphone (Game of Thrones fans will get this reference). It was so funny, and I will never forget it. 

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