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Inked Palette – The UK Tattoo Artist Exhibition

Inked Palette 2

UK tattoo blog Inkluded has collaborated with Deasil Art Gallery to present an exhibition featuring artwork by a selection of UK and Midlands tattoo artists. Inked Palette opened on 3rd October to a busy launch event and now remains open to the general public until 20th October 2015.

Artist - Paula Castle 2Artist: Paula Castle

At Inkluded, we’re passionate about showcasing and sharing the craft of tattoo art and making information about this thriving industry available to the general public. There can often be media misrepresentation about what tattooing is – this exhibition aims to portray the industry in a truthful and respectful light; where tattoos are art, and tattooists are artists. This country’s creative tattoo scene is fast-growing and flourishing with talented artists, remarkable artwork and innovative styles – we thought it was time we unveiled the creativity and originality of the UK’s tattoo mastery through this multimedia exhibition.

Tattoo photography section by Niall PattersonBeauty Is Not Only Ink Deep – Niall Patterson

The 16 tattoo artists involved have created custom artwork on a variety of materials – rather than their usual approach on skin, they’ve embraced the opportunity to experiment with paper, ceramic, slate, synthetic limbs and more. Inked Palette also features tattoo photography as well as tattoo artist sketches and drawings to offer an insight into the day-to-day life of a tattoo artist working in the UK today.  Continue reading

TATTOO TUESDAY – 11th August 2015

Everyone knows how much I’m a sucker for Disney tattoos.. So when Laura Walsh (who is the creator of my tattoo sleeve) posted this last month, I just had to share it! It’s the stained glass rose from The Beauty & The Beast film (for those who are not familiar).


Laura is currently inking at Voodoo Tattoo Studio in Warrington, Merseyside and you can see more of her work on her Instagram – be sure to go and follow @tcblaura.

Tattoo Tuesday – 7th July 2015

It’s that time of week again! This edition of Tattoo Tuesday brings a fabulous artist by the name of Tomas Garcia


With a continuous array of colourful pieces on his Instagram @tomas_garcia, be sure to go and follow him to brighten up your feed!

Tattoo Tuesday – 9th June 2015

This week’s edition features the work of Northern tattooist Max Amos from The Inkwell Tattoo Studio in Birkenhead. 


I absolutely love the owl and all the gorgeous line work! Be sure to go and follow @maxamos on Instagram and check out more of his work!