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ORLA JAMES – Choosing Your Wedding Ring

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to introduce you to Orla James, an online jeweller with a wide range of beautiful rings for the groom as well as the bride!

On the hunt for our own wedding rings, I though I’d take a look at the options for us both and share with you our favourites!

I love the idea of a plain wedding band such as the ones above, especially the Side Curve ring. If you wanted something super plain, there is also the Flat Ring, or maybe something with a bit of design, there is the Classic Court with Milgrain Edges.These were our favourite mens’ rings when looking through the choices (Seriously, there were plenty to choose from!). We especially like the detailing on the tile pattern ring and the simplicity of the Flat Court with Bevelled Edges.

Now, it’s time for my favourite rings of all from Orla James – The rings with all the sparkles (Which I think will eventually be one of my choices!). First is the Full Off Set Single Round Diamond Ring –  The off-centre set creates the illusion of a thicker band which I love. I think the most favourite of mine is the Half Set Medium Baguette Ring – I love that the diamonds in this ring are placed horizontally, creating a slim and sleek design. Another version of this is the Full Set Baguette Ring – with rectangular diamonds placed next to each other, createing more of a shine. Another of my favourites is the Curved Ring Side Set with Diamonds – Curved perfectly to fit comfortably with your engagement ring with the diamonds giving enhanced brilliance.

Make sure to head to Orla James to select your perfect wedding ring! Don’t forget that most of their rings come in a variety of metals – So whether you love white, yellow or rose gold, you’ll more than likely find the ring for you both!

Yield Design Co – The Endswell Collection


The Endswell Collection was born out of a desire to create memorable pieces that are meaningful because of their story, strong symbolism and high craft—not excessive adornment.”

Today I bring you a selection of stunning jewellery from Yield Design Co which is perfect for dainty fingers!


“Endswell blends traditional craft, modern technology and progressive values.”

We 3d print all the designs in wax before hand casting them in solid gold.” Explains Rachel of Endswell, “A nice blend of new and old technologies.

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SWAMPS’ POSTS: Sagas Of A Tattooed Bride – August

Today is a very sad day for Marry Me Ink & Swamps.. Today is the final instalment of Swamps’ posts until she gets married.. There will be tears shed here, be warned! This final edition of Swamps’ posts features all of her & Matt B’s trials & tribulations of planning, and coming into the final weeks and days of their big day.


“Trials and Tribulations Of Your Big Day”

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you are all super duper. I feel like I have not spoken to you all for an ETERNITY! We have been very very busy. There has been lots of organising, making, rethinking and wait for it….stress! I would like to point out at this point that attempting to sell your house and buy a new one, all with 8 weeks to go until you wedding is 100% categorically a terrible idea. PLEASE if you take away zero pieces of information from my blog, make an exception for this one. However, I would recommend buying yourself a cute puppy to counter balance your stress levels, works a treat. 


Meet Bettë. She’s currently 4 weeks old, about 10cms long and should be in prison for being illegal amounts of cute. Buying cute things really helps, trust me. We pick her up the day after our honeymoon too so we have something to look forward to when all of the build up to THE BIGGEST DAY OF OUR LIVES is over! Eeeeep.

In all of our stress we have also had moments of excitement, fear and anticipation, this is the theme that really sponsors the final run up to your big day. All I can really say is that you can’t really help the way that you feel, and you just need to do what you can do to manage this whirlwind of emotions. When you’re feeling high (not literally high; I would never encourage that, emotionally high of course) go forth, Star Trek style, find your husband or bride to be, and talk. Share your emotions and your excitement with each other, its all part of the experience. In a couple of hours you may be pulling your hair out because your wedding transports engine just blew up. Seriously, ‘these things happen’ and trust me, they fully do, and d’you know what- who cares? Book a taxi, I am going to! These little touches that you have probably spent months perfecting may actually fall apart before the big day but don’t sweat it, just sort it.

I was a bit stuck for what to write this month’s blog about, so with a little help from Rachael I’ve opted for a little bit of everything and it perfectly reflects what the run up is actually like. So point number 1. Write a list. For anyone who knows me in real life, not just in blog life, you will know that I am anally organised. I have an excel spread sheet for everything. Yes I really am THAT boring. If you aren’t stupidly organised then you need to learn! It is pivotal to not killing your future spouse in the lead up to the wedding, and they are REALLY integral to your wedding, so you don’t want to do that. A few months before, everything is done one thing at a time, no need to worry about a thing. Wait until 6 weeks before; you’ll have to do 18 things at once. You need to know who you need to see, pay and call all at the drop of a hat. Without organisation on your wedding day you may well never make it, and if you do, you’ll probs be bald from actual stress.  Continue reading