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Turquoise & Damask Nanaimo Wedding: Kimberly & Andrew

Good afternoon! Today’s real wedding on Marry me Ink is so awesome – Turquoise bridesmaid and damask print tables – LOVE!

Kimberly is the cousin of fantastic photographer Amanda Flagg, who’s work is gorgeous! “When my cousin Kim first told me she was getting married, I was very surprised. Sure, I had heard about this mystery man from South Africa, she had told me of her visit with him on her trip there. Then I saw them together and it all made sense!”

“At Kim’s mom’s house we were greeted by “Brownie” the little rabbit that lives in the bushes outside the house. Inside the girls painted toe nails, drank wine and started doing make up while I took some shots of her hand-made bouquet, simple elegant dress and killer hot shoes. Did I mention Kim has the most wicked tattoos? An attribute both her and her hubby share! Continue reading

A Zebra & Purple Wedding

Good morning! Today I have this super cool wedding of Anthony and Holly for you! Oh my, I love it!

“We grew up one town away in a tiny area. I at the time was in a horrid 9 year relationship with my childrens’ father and Anthony (my husband) had been a good friend. It was apparent one night after Continue reading

Mona & Amir: Stunning Portraits From Sean Flanigan

How beautiful are Mona and Amir? As well as seeing bold and colourful tattoos on brides, I do also love to see elegant and intricate details of ink.

Gorgeous images are from the amazing Sean Flanigan, who is based in Seattle, which I am very excited to share with you today! Be sure to leave Sean, Mona and Amir some blog love in the comments below!

Continue reading

Tattoo Tuesday: 30th October 2012


Today I have a fabulous sleeve for you to feast your eyes on! I came across Miss Beans via Instagram over the weekend and I have LOVED seeing her tattoos this week so far! Miss Beans tattoos at  Classic Tattoo in Red Deer Alberta since June 2007.

This AMAZING Alice In Wonderland tattoo sleeve is by far my favourite yet!

Amazing right? If that’s not awesome enough – check out the close ups of the characters!

How amazing?!! Be sure to leave some love! Also – Be sure to head back tomorrow to Marry Me Ink for an absolutely AWESOME engagement shoot that’s just perfect for Halloween!