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A Halloween Themed Wedding With Cats – Fran & Lewis


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride Fran and Lewis’ Halloween wedding and handfasting from favourite Assassynation Photography. Fran wore a stunning Couture Company leopard print dress and then everyone went back home for a  movie and pizza – PERFECT!


How did we meet.. The gym (I told my best friend I was going to marry him and have his babies). We wouldn’t speak to each other there so I messaged him on POF. We spoke for months then arranged a date to take our dogs for a walk. We went to Cannock chase for our first date – a popular place for dogging at night time (We tell everyone we went dogging on the chase for our first date!!)


Everything represented us at the wedding. My heartagram on the belt and Lewis tattoo heartagram on his wedding Finger. Our favourite band had to be in there somewhere. Having the cats there was so important to us. And watching Pet Semetary at home with pizza really represented us as a couple. Everything we did was completely us. 

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WIN 50% Off Your Wedding Photography with ASSASSYNATION


Are you having an amazing alternative wedding in 2016? Would you like the chance to win a whopping 50% off your wedding photography with Assassynation Photography?

MMI_4718MMI_4681(More of this wedding to come soon!)

Well here’s how you can:

1 – Go to the Assassynation Facebook Page and share the competition post (Remember to make it public so we can see it!)

2 – On that same post, leave a little comment

3 -Email sassy@assassynation.co.uk with the following information:
A. Your Names
B. Your wedding date
C. Your wedding location
D. The details of your amazing day – What makes it unique and what are you most excited about?


How amazing is this deal? Do make sure you enter – I’d love to know if you have! You have until the 31st January 2016 to enter and then Sassy will announce the winner on the 1st February 2016! GOOD LUCK!


Marry Me Ink Loves Assassynation Photography


Today I get to introduce you to Sassy of Assassynation – The best in the alternative wedding business. Seriously – she gets all the cool weddings! 


I’m Sassy…… and not bragging, but I have THE best customers in the world. From Corpse Brides to blue haired beauties. I love weddings with personality and couples who are a little bonkers….. after all so am I.


In short I shoot kick-ass couples in love!! I love anything unique, creative and different from the eclectic to the downright weird. I am a creative, tattooed little nutter with a camera running around the world shooting amazing couples…… I love it!!

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Today I get to welcome back the wonderful Sassy – One of the awesome alternative wedding photographers of the whole UK. I had the opportunity to chat to Sassy recently and ask her a few questions about what she loves and her photography.


Hey there, I’m Sassy!! Otherwise known as Assassynation photography.  I LOVE weddings, particularly weddings with a difference.  Ones with some serious personality, one’s where it gets a bit crazy……..basically anything fun.



Ummm I have quite a few, I have a chest piece, a whole back piece, my ring finger has a traditional Thai symbol on it which I had done with bamboo during my vow renewal, I have a hand tapped Thai yant on my wrist, I have my charm bracelet which documents the interesting places I go and people I meet that have impacted on my life….. This I’ll be adding to forever!!



People who know who they are, people who are unapologetic about their uniqueness and who refuse to be sidetracked in to doing “what everybody else does”.  I love creative, interesting and alternative people who judge people on their merits not what designer label they wear, what colour their hair is or what the fact that they have tattoos.  Basically if you are unusual, a bit weird, totally bonkers, and eccentric or straying from the norm I am going to love you and you are what inspire me to do this.  



Whatever the hell you want!! Don’t be bullied in to anything, be brave, be yourself!! If you want a corpse bride dress, or a leopard print dress, or you want to show off your tatts then do it.  It’s your day!! 

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