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A Steampunk Elopement In The Lake District – Sharon & Richard

Happy New Year! Welcome to all those who got engaged over the Christmas period.. Also, which of you have their weddings this year – I have mine!

To kick off 2018 on Marry Me Ink, I get to bring you this gorgeous elopement from Tiree Dawson Photography – Sharon and Richard had their intimate day at Cragwood Country House Hotel and it was perfect!

I met Richard at 19 when I started my first full time job when I was 19 where he was already working at the same company. I was single at the time and Richard was with another girl. We hit it off straight away and became good work
friends pretty fast. We remained close through all this and fought like an old married couple.. 6 years later my relationship fell apart and so did Richards, and I am telling you now these events were separate and not connected at all but everyone put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5.

Richard was a rock for me – A total of 8 years later after having to leave my job and move away as everyone was sure we had had this massive scandalous affair, we have a home, a menagerie and a wonderful life together, Richard proposed on Christmas eve 2015, 12 October 2017 we got married.

I think it was how we got married that represented us both the most. It was almost an elopement – With just Richard and myself, the venue organised the whole thing and even provided the witnesses. That is us all over. People assume from our appearance, coloured hair, tattoos, bald head and big beard (obviously only in Richards case), that we are confident and love being the centre of attention and that could not be further from the truth. Richard was so concerned about being on display while getting married that he dreaded the thought of getting married, what is the point if one of you hates ever minute, it is about the two of you so that is what we made it.

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A Haunted Hotel Wedding At Halloween – Mallory & Chris


With Halloween less than a week away (Do you have your pumpkins ready?!), I just had to share with you Mallory and Chris’ dress-up haunted Hotel Havana wedding from Jeff Gilmer Photography.


I met Chris on my birthday, which happens to be New Years’s Eve. He crashed my party with a couple of my co-workers. A week later he messaged me online to ask me out. He lived in Austin at the time, but every weekend he made it a point to come see me in San Antonio. Well, at the time he already had a job lined up in Houston. I had two choices let him go, see what happens, (do the whole long distance thing) or do something crazy and go with him. So after only 3 months of dating I went with him, and don’t regret a thing.


We love horror movies, Halloween, and spooky cartoons. On top of being on Halloween, we picked a haunted venue that reflected that (with the best Cuban sandwiches), tried to tie together little details that weren’t too kitschy like the gold skeleton hand bracelets/vampire teeth button down shirts, and created a slide show of black and white Halloween cartoons that was projected on the courtyard wall.


As for DIY – we made these paper masks that we were really proud of. The template was made by guy named Steve Wintercroft who made really user friendly guidelines to make these really cool, modern animal masks from basically cereal box cardboard. They came out awesome!

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Holding An Outdoor Wedding In The Cooler Months

Toast Of Leeds

I love weddings. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to attend many of them. My all time favourite was one that was held outside in the late autumn. For me, there is something extra special about outdoor weddings. Especially those that take place in the spring or autumn, when the weather is a bit cooler. However, if you are planning to marry outside during the cooler months there are a few extra things to organise. Nothing major, just a few things you need to check and organise to make sure that everyone, including you, will enjoy your wedding day.


First, you need to find a venue that is suitable for this type of wedding. Of course, you want somewhere that has a nice outdoor ceremony space, but you also need a backup just in case the weather is not as good as you hoped. 

Most outdoor wedding venues use pergolas.  When the weather is good, they are left open to the sunshine, but if it looks like it is going to rain there is usually a top and canvas sides that can be unrolled to provide protection for the bride and groom. 

Usually the same can be done with the seating area for the guests. That way the ceremony can go ahead as planned, with everyone staying warm and dry. Some venues also provide outdoor heating.

If you opt to get married in a barn wedding venue you can get the best of both worlds. Often, if it is cold or wet on the day you will be offered the chance to take the ceremony indoors. 

However, if you want this fall back option to be available you need to ask about it before booking the venue. Make it clear that is what you need and find out what the backup ceremony area looks like, how big it is and how it will be decorated. That way, on the day, if it really is too cold or wet you know that everything will be ready for you to marry indoors instead.

Toast Of Leeds


Holding a shorter ceremony also makes sense for a wedding that is outside, in the winter. Most people are warm enough outdoors if they are moving, but they soon get cold if they are sitting or standing still. Bear this in mind and be realistic about how long you can keep your guests outside in the colder months. Be especially mindful of this if you have very elderly friends and relatives in your wedding party.

MMI_2034Love & Perry Photography


Having some blankets available for those guests to put over their legs is a good idea. If you are getting married outside during the colder months let your guests know that coats are OK. You will be surprised at how many people will stand there shivering because they think wearing a coat to a wedding would be impolite.


Getting married in the winter or colder months is a great chance to mix things up food and drinks wise. Nice touches like providing hot mulled wine as well as champagne along with a hot chocolate bar, for those who do not want alcohol, keeps everyone warm and makes your wedding a bit different.

Katie-Warren-340Rob Grimes Photography

Love In The Woods – Katie & Mathew


Today I get to share with you Katie (who has the most gorgeous purple locks – I have serious hair envy) and Mathew’s post-wedding portraits from Carla Blain Photography. As a busy mum of four, Katie talks about how lovely it was to take time out and be pampered. They were both pleased to finally have beautiful wedding images that they could treasure forever.


Our story is a bit of a crazy, busy whirlwind. I met Mathew at work 3 years ago when I began working as a staff nurse. We both work within the operating theatres at our local hospital so our eyes actually met over an open abdomen! Our first meeting was him teaching me how to mop up blood properly and him mocking my cleaning skills (which continue to this day!) For me, it was an instant attraction. He was funny, tall, sexy, tattooed and at the time, he had an awesome Mohican hair cut and a large spacer/plug in his ear. I was instantly hooked.


You’d think he would be quite an intimidating figure for the elderly patients coming into theatre, but the older ladies absolutely loved him. And so did I! Unfortunately he was completely oblivious to my attempts at flirting for quite some time. Put it this way, he had plenty of attention from the ladies in the hospital and broke quite a few hearts along the way. Being 5 years older than him, and a mother of two young children already, I never really thought we could have a future together as we had completely different life styles, but I still couldn’t get him out of my mind. I knew I wanted him. Long and messy story short….  He finally saw sense when he almost lost me and we started seeing each other in May 2013.


We went on our first holiday together in the July where we had a lot of fun and drank a LOT of pina colada…. We stayed in an awful apartment but we still had an amazing time and laughed non stop. We grew close very quickly and before we knew it, talks of the future and possible babies were in the air already, but what we didn’t know is that a little person had already been in the making since our pina colada filled holiday! Once we found out I was pregnant, we decided to fast forward our plans and  just get married.

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