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A Beach & Brewery Wedding In Western Australia – CJ & Grant


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride CJ and husband Grant’s Western Australia beach wedding from Kate and Luke of Photogerson Photography.


Grant and I have known each other since we were really little. When we were really young both of our families were living in Botswana and really good friends. While they socialised around the pool we used to play in the mud and stuff. When I was 10ish my family moved to Canada and a year or 2 after, Grants family moved to Australia. We lost touch until one day I was bored and added a bunch of people on Facebook that I knew from Botswana and he didn’t remember who I was so he sent me a message. We got to chatting and I was going traveling to Australia so I figured I would go and see him. He picked me up from the airport, we saw each other and just knew.


“7 years later and every day is even more amazing than the one before”


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A Woodland Tea Party With Band Merch And Bunnies – Erica & Adam


Marry Me Ink’s tattooed bride Erica and groom Adam met in a record store – How cool? (Erica says Adam loves telling everyone that!) Today I get to share with you their wedding that took place in their back yard and was photographed by the wonderful V+T Photography. Erica decided buy a dress that was going to show off her tattoos, despite conflicting opinions. I think she made a great choice.


My Mom is pretty traditional, and hates tattoos. She was trying to get me to have them removed before the wedding and told me “they’ll ruin all your photos! You don’t want that!” It was obviously really horribly and upsetting and not a great way to start planning your wedding, but I didn’t listen, because that would be stupid and she was wrong, and started looking for a dress. The only thing that really mattered was that the dress didn’t lay in such a way that they look really weird. So things like lace tops where out. I’d rather them be all there or not at all. The dress I designed and made was so open and airy, we only made one adjustment to the placement of an ornamental strip of ribbon on the back so it would frame one tattoo rather than cut across it and that was the full extent of my dress V. my tattoos.


I worked really hard to put the both of us into everything. The blue color we chose was based off of his favorite guitar color, I call him my bunny and we have a special “super bunny kiss” so we used bunnies in everything as well. Our invitations and the branding I used across everything was based off little parts of each of us, like our astrological signs, habits, symbols we strongly identify with, etc. I also design a lot of posters and t-shirts for bands, while he is in a band and is also a record collector so we had a merch station set up. The favor we gave out was a 7” he wrote and recorded and I designed the cover to be like his favorite Ramone’s record cover, we also took “band photos” to reflect some the Ramones had done. Really it was everywhere. We wanted to have it really be about us and be really intimate. Like “Hey! We’re super big nerds and look at how ridiculous we got into this?” was pretty much in every inch.

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A Halloween Themed Wedding With Cats – Fran & Lewis


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride Fran and Lewis’ Halloween wedding and handfasting from favourite Assassynation Photography. Fran wore a stunning Couture Company leopard print dress and then everyone went back home for a  movie and pizza – PERFECT!


How did we meet.. The gym (I told my best friend I was going to marry him and have his babies). We wouldn’t speak to each other there so I messaged him on POF. We spoke for months then arranged a date to take our dogs for a walk. We went to Cannock chase for our first date – a popular place for dogging at night time (We tell everyone we went dogging on the chase for our first date!!)


Everything represented us at the wedding. My heartagram on the belt and Lewis tattoo heartagram on his wedding Finger. Our favourite band had to be in there somewhere. Having the cats there was so important to us. And watching Pet Semetary at home with pizza really represented us as a couple. Everything we did was completely us. 

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A Sunny, Autumnal Black Bridal Dress Shoot – Rivington


About a week ago, I  got the chance to meet up with some awesome ladies and play dress-up at the beautiful and scenic Rivington which is part of the West Pennine Moors (and only a short drive away for us all!). 



Earlier this year, Charlotte, Rachel and Tracy of Legend Bridal Designs Ltd altered a dress that was just taking up space in my wardrobe and created the beautiful cream and black Toile de Jouy dress for me to wear for the UK Blog Awards 2015. It fitted me perfectly and the quality of the dress is magnificent. 


I wanted to get some pictures of it for them both at Legend Bridal Designs Ltd to share and what better way to do it then spend an afternoon in the great outdoors with Donna of ClickClick Bang Photography and Amy of Erin Olivia’s!

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