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Dreads, Cactus Tattoos & A Lot Of Love – Caitlin & Aaron

It’s finally getting sunny here in Manchester (But it’s still freezing!), so I had to share this gorgeous, sunny desert shoot of Caitlin and Aaron from Emily Grace Photography.

Caitlin and Aaron never got the images back from their actual wedding that their friend photographed, so this shoot was able to create the memories that they never received. This just goes to show that hiring a professional to photograph your wedding is key. I’m so glad that they managed to create more memories at Assateague Island in Maryland and have them photographed by Emily as part of the House of Flynn shoot session in Ocean City.

They are a beautiful, dread head couple who own the coffee shop, A Latte Enjoy, on 2nd Street in Ocean City – I recently had an amazing opportunity to work on styled wedding shoot with a few of my fellow House of Flynn Tribe members in Assateague Island, MD. House of Flynn is fantastic company that focuses on photography related apparel and camera bags. Their bags are absolutely fantastic and you’ll definitely catch me carrying mine around at weddings!

I loved getting to know Caitlin and Aaron during their intimate portrait session. It broke my heart to hear they never actually received their wedding photos. All the more reason to set up this session! It was so wonderful strolling around the beach with them and the other HOF Tribe members. Aaron had me cracking up with the story of how they met, but since it’s not PG you’ll just have to ask them about it.  Continue reading

Dia De Los Muertos – The Mexican Bridal Party


There’s nothing I love more than a colourful bridal party. Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you these gorgeous Dia Do Los Muertos brides from Lisa Gigante Photography who wanted to create something colourful and unique for her latest shoot.


The reasoning for this shoot is the fact I never get a chance, unfortunately, to shoot a wedding that would be classed as ‘really off the wall’ and so I thought I’d break the mould (I did a steampunk themed bridal shoot last year) and have a bit of fun, still bridal but with the colours of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos theme. I love the colours.


The flowers and the look of the face painting.. Its amazing and the suppliers I asked were very excited to be involved. To the point the lady that supplied the silk flower head pieces was thrilled to be able  to make something a bit ‘different’ for a change.


The dress designer I used last year in the steampunk shoot, made my wedding dress too (which is featured being worn by one of the models!). So aims and inspirations is purely to show another side of bridal… a bit of fun and some raging colours outside of the usual ivories and cremes that we are still seeing at the moment.

IMG_1809 Continue reading