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A São Paulo Elopement In A Parking Lot – Nany & Jean

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I love it when a wedding is completely unique to the couple – Tattooed bride and groom Nany and Jean are no exception. They decided to elope in the middle of a parking lot with photographer Gabriel Galvani. Nany got her gorgeous dress from A Modista.

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I met Jean one year after I saw him for the first time. As soon as I saw him, I whispered to a friend that the guy would be my boyfriend, just the way he stared at me. A year has passed and he found me through Facebook and I confess, we fell in love when we finished our first chat. Three days later we had a meeting (in the same place where I had first seen him, at the skate park) and I remember the way he hugged me and didn’t let me go. A safe-haven. You know? After that, we began to meet every single day. We could not stay away from each other, and when we were, we felt bad about it. We loved each other very much.

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I loved all of it – The smiles and hugs, and kisses. All. Everything itself. Even with our badass photographer and our effing make-up artist, it was our moment. He and I. Only ours. I just wanted that evening to last an eternity, for the rest of my life.

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A Relaxed Back Garden Wedding With A Claire Pettibone Dress – Bobbie & Jesse


Today on Marry Me Ink, tattooed bride Bobbie wore a gorgeous Claire Pettibone wedding dress when she married Jesse in their back garden which helped with the relaxed feel they wanted for their day. Their back garden wedding is gorgeously captured by Elevate Photography.


It was basically a friend of a friend of a friend that wanted us two to meet. We met as a group at the park and Jesse brought one of his dogs that was pretty impressive catching the frisbee. Jesse’s Friend didn’t get the memo that I was there to meet Jesse and not him though, he kept trying to touch my tattoos and made the entire day so awkward!


It was a laid back but well kept evening, the pizza food truck and games everywhere represented the relaxed personalities but the fine liquor we had also gave the “we like the better things in life” impression!

I was so worried about people not letting loose but the DJ was so good that everyone was on the dance floor (the open bar helped as well!).. Seeing such a wide array of people bonding on the dance floor made me so happy.

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A Colourful Tattooed Filled Wedding – Clare & Jon


Remember tattooed bride Clare and husband Jon’s Tattooed Spring Garden engagement shoot and story of how Jon proposed using their dog? Well, it’s now time to share their super gorgeous colourful wedding that took place earlier this year (after only 20 weeks of planning too!) from Emma of ELS Design Photography.


I knew who Jon was for a while, he used to come to my work for lunch every now and then, a while later we met in a night club and we briefly spoke. However, a few weeks later, by coincidence, we was set up by a mutual friend! We only needed the one date – we just clicked!


The overall theme of the wedding represented us, everything from our ceremony music to bridesmaid dresses. – we both love anything 50’s. We only had 20 weeks to plan our wedding, but I think we did a wonderful job! As soon as we booked our special day, we were shopping for decorations, favours and  table pieces.. Most of them we had to make ourselves, but it was nice to have some personal touches to the day – Jon made all the stationery.

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An Engagement Party That Turned Into A Surprise Wedding – Kristina & John


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you tattooed bride Kristina and husband John’s surprise wedding from Olivia Christina Photography complete with their pug Stanley in a bow tie!


John and I met on OK Cupid! He kept looking at my profile and I kept wondering why he wasn’t messaging me. So I messaged him! “I think we’d get along” was my crazy pick up line. We met at a bar on a Monday, and that Friday we went away together. I don’t think we’ve been apart since.


First off, our wedding was an engagement party turned surprise wedding! We had been engaged for a year with no plans of sending out save the dates, a “surprise” wasn’t really that surprising to our guests. We are both very hands on and creative people (both of us are hairstylists), so being able to do so much of the wedding decorations ourselves was very representative of us as a couple as well. Something really special for us was having our pug, Stanley there. We are obsessed with him so it only seemed right to have him with us, bowtie and all! All the details truly reflected us and our style from the Photo Booth with silly props, to my short dress, to the mason jar, to the succulents at every turn, to the Stanley Cup grooms cake. Not wanting a “traditional” ceremony or reception was important to us. I got to cut my wedding cake in a leather jacket! We got to be surrounded by friends and family, eat great food, drink great whiskey, take silly pictures, and hang out by a bonfire – it was everything we wanted.

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