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A Vintage, Enchanting Chapel Wedding – Jaclyn & Joseph

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Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share tattooed bride Jaclyn and husband Joseph’s intimate chapel wedding from Tara O. Photos – the fab vintage pin up photographer.

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We first saw each other on Instagram. We started by dropping comments and likes on each other’s photos. Then a few weeks later we started chatting through DM. We continued talking every day for a few months, we would talk about everything from our favourite snacks to our goals in life. Our conversations lasted all night until one of us fell asleep. After that we knew we had to meet in person. From that moment on we knew it was forever!

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Our wedding was held at a Spanish style chapel that had a very vintage feel, along with a day of the dead themed cake. I had wedding cake themed bridal shoes and a Spanish inspired headdress. They were the bits that represented us as a couple.

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A Monochrome, Kangaroo Ground Wedding – Emily & Aaron


Today I get to share with you the gorgeous wedding of Emily & Aaron photographed by the Lakshal Perera with a very stylish theme.


“We had very clear instructions to all vendors about what we wanted and why.”

I have a very monochrome style in day to day life” explains Emily, “and this definitely showed in the wedding. I guess we didn’t do things just because you are supposed at a wedding. No flowers, we didn’t have any traditional songs and honestly didn’t listen to anyone suggestions.


We were engaged for 5 years, so I had so much time to make things that I refused to pay top dollar for! I think the bouquets were the most fun to do- as I had no real time constraint. I started making those about 18 months before we got married.

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