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Candy Coloured Sweetness & Smoke Bombs


When Lexi of Fleming Photography and Rockabetty Studios emailed me with the title “Smoke Bombs Ahoy!” I knew I was in for something amazing! Lexi teamed up with the wonderful Louise of Oh My Honey to create a cute but punked-out bridal shoot with real-life couple Seye and Lucy.


When Louise from Oh My Honey and I both emailed each other the same day asking to collaborate on a styled shoot, I knew the outcome was going to be special! Louise and I met years ago when she first launched her bridal range and I worked with her with my studio company Rockabetty Studios. I am absolutely in love with Oh My Honey dresses and jump at the chance to work with Louise any day of the week! We wanted to vamp up her pretty 50s bridal dresses and that’s where Lucy and Seye from South East London stepped in!


I love alternative, non-traditional couples who are up for a real laugh on their wedding day, so when Seye and Lucy came forward to be our real couple for the shoot, I was so excited! There is nothing easier than photographing real couples in love. You could not only see the love, but the immense fun they both have with each other. Lucy has an incredible amount of work for a number of amazing London tattoo artists and Seye himself has collected pieces from all round the World too. Lucy looked amazing in Louise’s dresses and shows that alternative brides look wicked awesome too!

Smoke bombs was one of the first things I said when we knew we were going to be together a collaboration shoot and lucky for me, everyone was on board! I had never worked with them before, but Seye and Lucy were well up for some unpredictable fun.

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Love Letters – A Halloween Proposal At A Concert


I came across Jess and Red’s wedding portraits on Instagram a few weeks ago from Chris Nachtwey Photography and I was privileged enough to receive their engagement shoot as well as their wedding (which you’ll get to see in a few weeks – I love making you wait!)


We met when I was 13, in my neighbourhood. He was skating around like a bad ass and I fell in love.  I didn’t see him again until I was 21, and we had such a great connection… we dated for a few months and then we split up because we both had been fresh out of long term relationships and knew we weren’t ready to have each other yet-it was real.  We stayed close friends, I talked crap about dudes that split up with me to him, always able to be honest, and one day just got the guts to ask him back out, (with a song on my guitar), and the rest is history!


Actually that was so unique!  Halloween is my favourite holiday and so he planned to ask me on Halloween.  We were going to Northampton, Massachusetts to see my favourite two bands The Ryan Montbleau Band and The Alchemystics, and he had planned to ask me during a particular song… He had ordered a custom made charm bracelet from a lady in the UK that was a zombie survival charm bracelet – very fitting for a girl like me! He had it in his pocket as we were going into the show and the security checking us in asked him to empty his pockets.  I was standing right there so he cunningly said, “Oh I have my knife in my pocket.” I’m like, “Why did you bring a knife to a show?  Go put it outside.”

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Two Worlds Apart – A Time Lapse Engagement Shoot


I’ve been so excited about sharing this styled engagement shoot with you from Lizzie of Do It Momma.


When speaking to Lizzie, the main concept of the shoot was to create a story using two models (Lottie and Henry) who were shot on two different days but in the same location, to create the image of the boy following the girl until he finally caught up with her.


The shoot was actually inspired by Lottie.  She has a very dramatic look and after seeing her with lace eye transfers on at a social event I knew I wanted to photograph her in a way that would allow me to experiment with more dramatic editing.


Lottie alone is striking and gave me so much to play with but as a wedding photographer I always wanted to partner her up!  It’s good to call on friends and Henry served as the perfect accompaniment.

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A Bright Blue & Tattoo Themed Couple Shoot – Gerard & Christine


I love bright hair colours, and Christine’s is fabulous (I’m getting quite a few brides with awesome hair recently). Honey & The Moon Photography put a call out on Twitter with some quite detailed specifications:

“Do you live in Belfast? Do you have electric blue hair? Do you have a lot of tattoos? Do you have a bf? Is he bearded? We need YOU!”

With a number of replies, married couple Gerard & Christine were chosen for this amazing supplier-filled shoot!


Honey and the Moon Photography’s ethos is to treat every single customer the same! We are everyone friendly, so no matter who you are, where you live or who you love, we love you! You do you and we’ll photograph you doing it!

We’ve always been of the opinion that styled photo shoots should be the most extreme example of what wedding vendors can do, because they are the catwalk of the wedding industry. The international fashion shows tend to inspire what is seen on the high street and don’t usually sell their outlandish designs to the general public, so we believe that is what wedding vendors should be doing! They should be inspiring their potential customers, showing their most creative side and selling their skills!  


In September last year, we were to exhibit at the Quirky Wedding Fair at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast and after getting to know some of the exhibitors we decided to organise a collaborative effort and create something truly unique and well, quirky!

“Inspired by tattoos and all things alternative we asked the suppliers to go as nuts as they wanted as long as it had some relation to tattoos.”

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