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Phoenix Rising – Violet’s Trash The Dress Story


Today I get to share with you a truly inspirational story from Violet. A woman who has seriously been through enough in her life. I don’t think I could be as strong as Violet has been if it had happened to me. With words and images from Dawn Kelly Photography, I present to you Violet’s Trash The Dress story.


Violet is the strongest women I know, and I’m inspired by her fight for life, and for happiness. 

In 1989 Hawaii, she was walking home, jumped, and taken by five US Marines. They kept her hostage for a few hours that felt like an eternity. Assaulted, beaten, and almost drowned at their hands, she fought for her life and escaped. She thought that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to her, but sadly, she was wrong.


On January 29 2013, her son and his girlfriend were approached by gang members in a park. When he protected his girlfriend, they stabbed him, which ended his life. His girlfriend survived because Tyler stepped between them. That was just one example of his love of people, his kindness, his generosity. This very powerful quote from him will live on forever: “Don’t let
the bad people bring a good person down.”

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