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Love Letters – Edward Scissorhands Inspired Garden Engagement Shoot


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Kristy and Spiryt’s engagement shoot from Alexis Schwallier Photography. Taken in these gorgeous Tim Burton/Edward Scissorhands inspired gardens, they make such a gorgeous couple.. (I also get to feature their wedding soon)


Spiryt & I met by him stalking me at work at the mall (I truly thought “Wow, this guy is kind of awesome for thinking that I am this cool to be that into me” and it was kind of endearing). He worked upstairs for Verizon at the time, & I was a retail manager at Bath & Body Works. One of my friends, Asia, that worked with Spiryt had mentioned that he was wanting to ask me out.


She showed me a picture of him on her phone (this is back in 2006 when smartphones were super pixelated). All I saw were these amazing dreadlocks, and I was intrigued by his Lenny Kravitz-like looks.. I was geeking out that this really attractive guy wanted to meet me.


Asia kept putting in the good word for Spiryt, and she set us up meeting for the 1st time. She said, “He is coming down after work today at 4:30 to meet you”. That day, I planned to leave work early but as soon as I was walking out of my store, there Spiryt was in all his glory. I smiled so big – he was definitely more than what I expected. Such a gentleman.

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Love Letters – A Glorious Sunset


Yesterday wasn’t so sunny here in Manchester, so I thought I’d remind us all of the glorious weather we’ve been having lately with this gorgeous shoot from Darren Mack Photography of Kayleigh and Chris’ engagement! (Seriously, the suns through the trees is making me all smiley!)


We met when I started working at Morrisons in the salad bar. Chris worked in the cafe, I was 17 and he was 24. He caught my eye straight away and I had caught his too (I was totally oblivious to this) he would walk through my department at least 10 times a shift (which I didn’t mind cause I liked to look at him bum as he walked by!)


After a little while one of the girls that works with Chris in the cafe was teasing me “I know some one who likes you!”. This went on for months, it started to really annoy me cause I wanted to know if it was the same person I liked.. Eventually I cracked and had a moan at work colleague (I called her Nanna as she’s in her 60’s) and told her about the teasing and that I wanted to know if it was the guy that I was after! At that, I went on my break and when I came back she said “I’ve solved your problem and yes it is Chris that likes you” – I was mortified! I felt so embarrassed!


Later in the shift, he walked through the department again and smirked at me as he went by. I went as red as a tomato cause I knew he knew I fancied him! When he came back through the next time, he stopped and asked me if I wanted to go for a drink sometime (at this point I was mopping the floors.. sexy!) I stuttered a childish yes! He then went on to explain that it would have to be in 2 weeks time as he was skint and had to wait till pay day.. Romantic!

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