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A Garden Wedding Organised By Friends – Lisa & Danny


Would you trust your friends to organise your wedding? That’s exactly what tattooed bride Lisa and husband Danny did after exchanging their official vows – and it looked like they did a fantastic job! Their celebrations took place in their back garden with Timo Raab Fotographie there to capture it all.


We both worked in Fuerteventura on the Canarian Islands as entertainers of the German tour operators TUI and Alltours. Our hotels were side by side and one day my entertainment team needed some stuff that we didn’t have, for performing a comedy show. So it was to us to get those things, it was some masks to cover our faces while preparing a new comedy scene, from another entertainment team around our hotel… So I went off to check if the team of the hotel next to us could help us. When I arrived at the entrance, Danny just entered the hotel with his colleague. I asked him if he was an entertainer in that hotel and he affirmed it. So he gave us a chicken mask and one of a biddy and I hurried up to get back in my hotel… When I entered Danny’s hotel the following day to bring the masks back, he stood right in front of me, wearing a pink body and a white tutu. Unfortunately we couldn’t talk that long, because he had to welcome the new guests… But we already met the same night at our local pub while playing darts. And it didn’t take much time until we had our first kiss…


Yes we do! After 4 months we started working together in the same hotel, still on the Canarian Islands, Lanzarote now, to check out if we wanna stay together… And after just two weeks, after we moved to Lanzarote we saw a shop of a German tattoo artist, who already had tattooed people in almost the whole world…. That is when got our couples tattoo which says “Me encanta que te amo” – I love to love you…

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