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WEDLOAD – Carys & Andy’s Dark London Festival Wedding

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you tattooed bride Carys and Andy’s festival wedding, full of rich, dark colours, that took place in the awesome RSA Vaults in Charing Cross from Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Chris Seddon Photography. Carys wore a gorgeous deep red dress from FairyGothMother who specialise in steel boned corsetry.

I used to get the 8.24am train from London Bridge to Streatham for work. There was a guy who used to get on everyday. To my friends he was “fit train guy”. He used to get off at Streatham every morning but he walked so fast I never saw where he went. One day I went for a new job at my company and as I wandered through one of the other departments looking for the manager to talk to about the role, I spotted fit train guy. I then quickly realised that fit train guy was the manager I was going to talk to.

Andy and I worked together for a number of years in the same department but not directly with each other after the first 18 months. We had similar music tastes and interests and were often at the same gigs. In 2009 we both came out of long-term relationships and hung out together to help each other out post break ups and grew close. Nearly 7 years later we found ourselves walking down the aisle together.

We spent a lot of time making sure we had the right things to represent us from clothes we wore to the decorations in the venue. My favourite items though are the wedding rings which we had custom made by Chris Parry jewellery. Andy’s is a combination of skulls, tattoo designs and a very subtle nod to his second love, Playstation while mine embodies my Welsh heritage with dragon scales made from rose gold in a palladium band setting.

The “WEDLOAD 2016” board as well as our guest signing guitar were also small touches to the day that encapsulated our love of festivals and music. And lastly the clothes and footwear. My dress was something I had in mind for years so I knew what I wanted before Andy had even proposed. I was never going to be wearing white! And despite looking at lots of different suits for Andy that just made him look too much like a normal work day, we were pleased with the outfit we purchased from Dark Angel that just made him look special for the day.

We had a few DIY elements. My knitting group helped me make bunting to decorate the venue. I also made all the table decorations for the day by collecting old cassettes from friends and family, painted them red, stuck them together and added some fairy lights for an awesome effect. I also make a punk rock Garfield to throw instead of my bouquet. I am a huge Garfield fan and back in 2004 at Reading festival I made something similar to ensure I didn’t lose my friends in the crowd. So it felt fitting at a festival themed wedding to throw something that reminded me of festivals.

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It’s that time again – ACCESSORIES AHOY! If you weren’t here for last week’s instalment and news, where were you? I introduced Rebekah to all you lovely readers who will now be taking over the Accessory Ahoy! posts.
I’ll just hand straight over to her again now!

I felt inspired so much by this weeks theme. Laura & David’s reception was everything I love about festival themes. Wild flowers, effortless beauty, quirky and boho chic accessories. With that in mind here is some festival inspired accessories.

 It wouldn’t be a festival wedding without some beautiful hair accessories. Some of my favourites are from Rock N Rose.

First up is this effortless and beautiful Roxana Royal Chain Headpiece.

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Emergency Kit List From Simply Bridal – FREE DOWNLOAD

Good evening! Everyone loves  a freebie right? With all the fun facts coming from Simply Bridal recently, today I get to share with you an emergency kit list for both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. 

How great is that? Its a simple check list to make sure everything is in order on the day – There’s even space for you to add extra bits to keep it personal! This would be great especially if you’re having the festival wedding away from a central location!

Emergency Kit List DownloadablePlease leave a comment below if this is handy for you! I think it’s a great idea!

The Festival Bride At Bridestock – Laura & David

Laura and David Festival Wedding London Wedding Photographer © Laura Babb www.laurababb.co.uk (585 of 654)

Carrying on with festival week on Marry Me Ink, I get to introduce you to Laura & David who, after a gorgeous church ceremony, celebrated in style and created their own festival – BRIDESTOCK where Laura of Babb Photo photographed the whole day.

“David and I met in a sticky indie club in Southampton called Lennons, in November 2010 and got engaged after 3 months! Both of us have been in long-term relationships before without a sniff of an engagement, but we sort of crashed into each other with an intensity that you can’t explain unless you’ve felt it yourself.”

Laura and David Festival Wedding London Wedding Photographer © Laura Babb www.laurababb.co.uk (241 of 654)

“Our wedding was not the conventional wedding but everyone who was there mentioned how personal to us the day was.”

Laura and David Festival Wedding London Wedding Photographer © Laura Babb www.laurababb.co.uk (181 of 654)

“We called in favours from everyone; we made as much as we could and some things weren’t perfect, but were home made and quirky.” Continue reading