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A Gamer’s Wedding With A Tattoo Station At Middle Earth – Zarah & Rick

This morning on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Zarah & Rick’s wedding that took place earlier this year at Heaton House Farm in Cheshire and photographed by Manchester wedding photographer Cassandra Lane. They’re both avid gamers so their wedding reception was full of retro arcade game machines and being massive Tolkien fans, had their table plan based in Middle Earth. 

I had never experienced the joys of online dating before and my best friend Luke (serial professional online dater) signed me up to a well known dating website so I could be acquainted with the whole process. He had enjoyed several (extremely funny) nightmarish dates which I loved hearing about. We both met at drama school years ago and had the genius idea to write a hilarious play about dating in the modern world but he insisted that before we start writing, I needed some of my own online horror stories. He signed me up when we were chatting about all this at a house party, uploaded some drunk selfies of me pouting and wrote some terribly cheesy things on my new profile about what a geek I am. He then spent the rest of the evening logged on as me messaging boys! The next day after my hangover had cleared and regret had set in, I fully intended to delete the profile and as I was trying to negotiate my way to the ‘delete account’ section (never easy to find!), a little message from a very handsome looking chap popped up. Well, I must say I was intrigued… so I messaged him back and we went for our first date a few days later. That dating app was immediately deleted and we married three years later. Luke was still on that dating website for another year and wouldn’t let me forget it! He was my ‘bridesman’ and took credit for the whole wedding in his speech!

Our wedding was far from traditional and really represented us as a couple which is exactly what we wanted. We just wanted to have fun. Before we met one another we never imagined we’d ever get married and when Rick proposed to me, it was a huge surprise. I couldn’t believe we were going to plan a wedding day! We are both party loving geeks and massive retro video game fans so this is what we wanted to celebrate. I am a huge Tolkien nerd so our seating plan was a huge map of Middle Earth with each table being a place from that world.

We had lots of DIY decorations throughout the venue which were inspired by all the geeky things we love such as a dalek with a bow tie, and BB8 (of star wars fame) in a top hat along with models of Link and Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda) dressed as a bride and groom. The colour scheme of the day was also ink inspired. My favourite colours (and therefore most of my tattoos!) are red and black and these colours ran throughout the day and looked stunning.

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A Dark Souls, Friday The 13th Wedding – Stephanie & Larry

I adore a bride in a black wedding dress and Stephanie looks incredible in hers from Eric Dress. They exchanged vows and partied at Old Rock Church in Utah with their friends and family which was filled with gorgeous paper flowers which they handmade out of old anatomy books and they had Convincing Imaging there to capture their day.

We met trough a mutual friend in high school. His friend Andy had recently moved to my home town of Malad Idaho, and Larry (my husband) came up to visit him. I was on my way to cheer practice when we stopped at Thomas Market, the local grocery store to pick up some drinks. They pulled in at the same time and that’s when we met. The first words I ever said to him were, “get in the cart b****!” And I proceeded to push him through the parking lot and almost ran him into a car. Later that night, after the football game, we hung out that’s when he kissed me. We told each other that we loved each other that night.

We based our entire wedding off of our favorite video games, Dark Souls, so the whole wedding was a representation of us and what we love to do as a couple. Gaming is a really big part of our lives and those games in particular have a very special place in our hearts. 

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A Video Game Wedding Between Two Rockers – Abby & Reid


Today’s tattooed bride and groom is Abby and Reid who had a short and sweet wedding ceremony but then rocked the night away at their awesome gig venue The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY with photography from Justine Johnson Photography. They both met prior to a video game convention online.. Seriously their story is awesome.


We met volunteering at a video game convention called PAX — Reid is from Seattle originally, and I’m from Los Angeles. We started chatting online in the volunteer chat room, and became really good long-distance friends. We had mutual interests in punk music, art, and video games. Reid finished grad school, moved to New York to start a job in physics… and then we decided to date because our mutual attraction was too strong! I was still finishing school in Los Angeles, so through video games, chatting and visits, we managed to do long distance for 2.5 years.


We did this wedding all on our own so basically everything from the venue (a music venue in Brooklyn called The Bell House) to the music (we played all sorts of punk during our cocktail hour) to our Street Fighter cake toppers were 100% us! We also had a fuss-free reception with our favorite Cambodian sandwiches, along with cupcakes. You can hold all of these while dancing.


We made 90% of our decorations, including the bouquets and boutonnières. The most fun was the PVC pipe trellis (cut in the snow!) The trellis was decorated with handmade tassels and then jerryrigged by someone who is very good with knots.


I didn’t have the tattoo when I searched for dresses, but I knew something was going to be on my arm. I definitely wanted something with either no or short sleeves.

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