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Glittery, Allternative & Boho Bridal Inspiration – Jade Maguire Photography

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you some bridal inspiration full of glitter and boho goodness from Jade Maguire Photography that took place at Allerton Towers in Liverpool. Jade’s planning of the shoot started by planning a low-key shoot that was aimed at the alternative bride, incorporating dark florals and beautiful woodland scenery.

The purpose of this styled shoot was to show how brides who want to wear something different, and be true to who they are, yet have a real low budget could style themselves for a small amount of money and still look AMAZING!

So I set myself up an epic Pinterest board and began searching for inspiration taken from my ideas and began creating this board. My Pinterest board started to grow and it was very clear that if you had tattoos you should be showing them off and flaunting them on your wedding day not covering them up like we quite often see. Tattoos are so personal and unique to you they should be worn with pride and should be appreciated with as much beauty as the person who owns this wonderful ink. 

The outfits we chose were aimed to appeal to the boho and the alternative brides, and the venue was selected because it was dark and mysterious, we found that the long leading corridor was so captivating – it was almost mesmerising. After all, have you seen how stunning Allerton Towers really is!? There’s something so comforting about a run down building, personally I am constantly drawn to older buildings but for this building, it was the idea of bringing a sense of life back into the place, these places always change from one week to the next as more decay sets in, and they should be captured and still be used to make amazing memories.. I truly wish you could actually get married here! 

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The Unicorn And The Dinosaur – Lindsey & Andy

Lindsey & Andy 045 - MMI - Amy Faith Photography

Remember that sneak peek on the Marry Me Ink Facebook page from Amy Faith Photography? Well, today we’re kicking off the week with Lindsey and Andy’s wedding full of little quirks which I find completely awesome – Firstly, the bridesmaids falling about with laughter as the “Game of Thrones”  theme blasted through the doors for them all to walk down the aisle.. That’s just amazing!

Lindsey & Andy 010 - MMI - Amy Faith Photography

We have known each other online for years via a reptile forum. We had seen pictures of each other but never spoken. It was only when in 2012 we both attended a Reptile Show in Kempton Park did we meet face to face. I (Lindsey) was chatting to a few friends. I saw someone looking at me in the corner of my eye but ignored it at first. Then I heard “Lindsey!”. I turned round saying simply “Yes?”. Andy just stood there blushed and said “I’m Andy”. I had recognised him from his pictures but in all honesty I had not quite taken in just how pleasing to the eye he was until he was stood there in front of me. I saw him several times that day and towards the end of the day a mutual friend invited us both to a 3 day long camping BBQ. Knowing Andy was going I made sure I was there. We spent a lot of time talking at the BBQ and we knew we really liked each other. But it wasn’t until later in the year we got together. Our first date was at the Natural History Museum in London followed by Sushi.

Lindsey & Andy 060 - MMI - Amy Faith Photography

The following Easter Andy proposed on a bridge over a lake in Southport. I was looking out at the water, he sneaked up behind me holding a toy gun to my head and whispered “Marry me, or else!” Well, how can a girl refuse an offer like that? Although it was a wooden slat bridge and he refused to give me the ring for a while as he was scared I was going to drop it into the water. He did though, with onlookers smiling and saying congratulations.

Lindsey & Andy 068 - MMI - Amy Faith Photography

The unicorn and dinosaur on top of the cake – They literally represent us. There were several references to dinosaurs and unicorns without going OTT. But mostly it was just that we didn’t do anything we didn’t want to do and we kept the bits we liked. For example, no sit down meal but rather a hog roast.

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A Tattooed, DIY Liverpool Wedding – Claire & Paul


Today I get to share this awesome wedding that took place at the amazing Leaf On Bold Street in Liverpool, full of DIY goodness, a Vivienne Of Holloway dress and many more, with gorgeous photography from Emma Hillier Photography.


I love hearing how Marry Me Ink couples meet and Claire & Paul’s story is great..

Paul is the Studio Manager of Forever True Tattoo in Liverpool and I started getting tattooed there and that’s how we first met and since then we would also bump into each other at gigs!


We had so many people tell us it was the best wedding they had been to. People loved how relaxed and laid back it was and just danced away all night.


“The whole thought of a wedding was very daunting to us, we are just not that kinda couple.”

We scrapped the whole formal dinner and decided to get married late in the day. We chose Leaf on Bold Street as our evening venue. We loved the vibe of the place and eat there regularly so we knew we’d feel comfortable there… plus they make a mean halloumi sandwich. Becky who is their wedding planner was brilliant and was so easy going about the whole day. 

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