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Love Letters – A Fun & Feathery Morning


Today on Marry Me Ink – I thought I’d show you this fun love session from Mya Photography. Morgan and Felix look super cute together and I love that they had a pillow fight – What a fun love session!


I managed to organize a  pillow fight  with Morgan & Felix and it was amazing. In the same time, I got to photograph an intimate moment and a fun moment between them both.


Morgan and Felix were a little bit shy at the beginning, but the pillow fight gave everybody the chance to relax.

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Love Letters – A Haunting In The Misty Woods


Today I get to share with you this gorgeous post wedding shoot from Luna Photography of Beth of Bete Noir Jewellery and hubby Drew. I had chance to catch up with Emma of Luna Photography about Beth and Drew’s shoot.


Knowing that Beth and Drew were new to the area and how lonely it can be at times being self employed, I made sure that Beth knew I was available for coffee any time.


Fast forward two years later and Beth and Drew are telling my husband and I that they are getting married in Barbados. For them, it was perfect, no stresses or expectations from guests or being in the spotlight. So while we were upset that we couldn’t be there, we knew that it was what they wanted.

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Love Letters – An Autmnal Fishing Trip



Today I get to share with you this amazing outdoor engagement shoot of Morgan and Max from the wonderful Love & Perry Photography


I love everything about this shoot, the feel of the relaxing day, the colours of Autumn, Morgan’s awesome tattoos and so much more! The story of how Morgan and Max met each other is great..


It was graduation weekend at UMass Amherst, where I am currently attending for my master’s degree. That Friday night a few friends and I decided to go out to a bar that we frequent called McMurphy’s. While standing there amidst conversation I noticed two guys looking at me from across the bar. Out of curiosity, I approached them. They introduced themselves as Max and Nick and said they were brothers. We had a few drinks, some interesting conversation; they complemented me on my tattoos, by this time the bar was getting ready to close so we finished our drinks and made our way to the door. Upon leaving the bar Max made a comment to me about how he really liked how strong and confident I was and that he hoped he could see me again.   

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Love Letters – A ’71 Chevrolet With Adam & Jayne


This super awesome couple shoot from Daniel Hough Photography with Adam & Jayne was planned when Adam decided he was selling the most beautiful vintage ’71 Chevrolet and wanted some pictures of himself and Jayne together, complete with Chevrolet.

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