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A Leafy, Woodland Wedding – Tori & Ryan

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you the woodland wedding of Tori and Ryan from Luna Photography – One of Marry Me Ink’s favourite East Midland photographers.

We actually met each other in a tattoo shop! I was getting tattooed by our good friend Drew (also one of the best men) and he had been late picking me up from the train station, he said sorry but his friend had called and held him up but he’d pop by the shop later so I could shout at him then! Fast forward an hour and in walks Ryan. I didn’t get chance to tell him off we were so busy chatting away, he even went out a bought me a cup of tea! Our tattooist Drew then slyly asks both of us individually in better words ‘if we like each other?’ And the answer was unanimous! Ryan stayed for the majority of the 8 hour tattoo but eventually had to leave to watch the football (I should have known then Football would be apart of my life!)

I was feeling a little sad on the way home that I didn’t get details on this gorgeous mans number when suddenly a friend request pops up on my phone and it’s him! We get chatting all night and then all day and all night for the next 6 months until I finally moved from Cardiff to Gloucestershire. The first moment I realised I loved Ryan was on valentines day! (we don’t even celebrate it!) but it was our first one together just under 4 months and we were dog sitting for a friend. I had spent all day making him a banoffee pie (his favourite and the only cake I can make!) and my mum was teasing me saying I was only doing it because I loved him! She was so right the look on his face when I had caught two trains to meet him without squishing it will stay with me forever.

Since we moved to the Forest of Dean in 2015 the woods have become our second home. We absolutely love long walks in the quiet with our German Shepherd Frankfurt so this was reflected in the details of the wedding. The wedding party itself was small and intimate. We’re not flashy and we just wanted to spend the day with our close family and friends (36 of us in all!) rather than make a show and dance of everything! We just really enjoy the quiet laugh and wanted everyone to be a part of the day.

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Love Letters – A Haunting In The Misty Woods


Today I get to share with you this gorgeous post wedding shoot from Luna Photography of Beth of Bete Noir Jewellery and hubby Drew. I had chance to catch up with Emma of Luna Photography about Beth and Drew’s shoot.


Knowing that Beth and Drew were new to the area and how lonely it can be at times being self employed, I made sure that Beth knew I was available for coffee any time.


Fast forward two years later and Beth and Drew are telling my husband and I that they are getting married in Barbados. For them, it was perfect, no stresses or expectations from guests or being in the spotlight. So while we were upset that we couldn’t be there, we knew that it was what they wanted.

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A 1940s Wedding Complete With A Hawaiian Tiki Celebrations – Pernille & Matt


Today I get to share with you the simple and formal wedding ceremony in Copenhagen of Pernille & Matt who met at a Psychobilly festival in Germany,  with photography from Luna Photography, and an awesome Hawaiian themed evening party! 


I loved the fact that I got to marry my dream guy and throw cake in his face all in the same day! No, honestly, I will always look back on that day with a smile on my face, thinking that the entire day seemed as one big highlight. I feel pretty lucky!

We didn’t want to spend loads of money on location, outfits, food, etc. and thus really worked hard to maintain a budget that was reasonable (to us). Also, we definitely didn’t want a church wedding with a white dress, bridesmaids, speeches and all that. Lastly, it was important to us that the wedding day represented us and that it was a day that we could enjoy without feeling like we were being tied down by numerous wedding traditions.


And I think we succeeded in that. The combination of a simple, yet formal, wedding ceremony inspired by the era of the 1940s with a Hawaiian themed wedding party worked really well and definitely represents us as a couple.

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A Sugar Skull And Band Themed Wedding – Lou & Aaron


“We met due to ending up in a band together. I thought he was the quiet weird one!”


Today I get to share with you the awesome wedding of Lou & Aaron, who created a lot of their wedding extras themselves (including the band themed table plan) with images from Luna Photography.


Many details represented Lou & Aaron as a couple including their fantastic cake topper and sugar skulls in the flowers and button holes. Lou and the bridesmaids’ beautiful dresses were from Fairytales By Sherry and their wedding reception took place at the Lion & Swan Hotel in Congleton.

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