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If You Go Down To The Woods Today – Danyell & Paul’s Engagement Shoot

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you this beautiful woodland engagement shoot from Daz Mack Photography.  

We’ve been together for nearly 4 years  first 2 long distance as im from Edinburgh, Pauls from Stockton, the other 2 years have been together in Middlesbrough. 

I had saw a picture of Paul on Instagram on sick  plugs page which we both followed he was posing with his storm trooper plugs in and I liked the look of him (his big beautiful eyes) so I had to check his profile out. He had on there that he was an artist and that he did commissions. As I’m pretty outgoing and confident I thought I’d get in touch and get him to draw me something.

I requested Vincent Price with a haunted house and a evil nurse from the silent hill game. We quickly became friendly which then in turn turned flirty, I received my commission which I still love to this day.
We kept in touch texting every day. At first Paul was hesitant to make things go further due to the long distance between us. Him in Stockton and myself in Edinburgh two different countries.

A Short time passed and I gave him an ultimatum as I really liked him and I wanted to be more and didn’t want to waste my time so I Said I can’t wait forever.I then was asked on a couple of dates with another guy. Which made me feel that all I wanted to be, was with Paul. As we continued to talk during this he knew I was on these dates which made him step up and take the leap of trying a long distance relationship with me. (Some people call it jealousy I think he just realised what he could of lost.) A month past and then in December 2013, He drove up to Edinburgh to see me. As I’m old fashioned,which he already knew from various conversations we had previously if he wanted me to be his girlfriend he had to ask me. Which he did after less than an hour in my flat. Then the long distance love rollercoaster began. We are very romantic to each other making our own cards or presents for each other for anniversaries and just being thoughtful and caring.

Paul is a talented and hard working tattooist @watsonsith and our life is focused around this as its what he loves and I support and help him in his success. He’s my Bear and I’m his Bunny (like the masks) we both have our bunny and bear tattoos for each other too.

How beautiful is this enagagement shoot? I can’t to share with you their wedding which will also be on the blog next week – Make sure you pop back to see it in all it’s glory – It’s an good one! Thanks to both Danyell, Paul and Daz Mack Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today.


LOVE LETTERS – Alex & Mick’s Woodland Engagement Shoot

Today on Marry Me Ink, I thought I’d start the week off with this gorgeous couple from Daz Mack Photography. Alex and Mick had the engagement shoot whist taking their dogs out for a walk – It’s super cute! They both took the time to tell me about their time together and plans for their upcoming wedding.

We met in my then local pub, watching the boxing. I spied Mick across a snooker table, saw his joker smile (back before he grew in the beard) and knew I had to try and seduce him. Oh so slick, I chatted him up and bragged about my upcoming business and gave him a card. Later on he came around to find me and give me the card back – “I’m sure you’re a nice lass but some other blokes have just been showing me the exact same calling card. Maybe some other time.” (I’d been drunkenly throwing them around at the bar in an attempt to look impressive and boorish). I was devastated, I ran out after him but he had already gone. 

Three days later I got a cheeky text message, letting me know he’s played a dog’s trick and already had put my number in his phone before he returned the card. “Have you been thinking about me?”. It’s been 5 years of pranking, teasing and generally trying to get the upper-hand ever since.

One day, we’d said we would go into town for late night Christmas shopping but I had a nightmare of a day at work and wasn’t feeling the holiday vibe. I got home and he was dressed to the nines and ready to head out – despite my best efforts to cause a row and keep us at home to do it another night – so off we went.

He walked me up and down the high street under the lights, we got festive drinks to go and he soon warmed me around. “There’s a reason I wanted so badly to come into town tonight, ” he said, dropping on bended knee under the town clock.  “Are you kidding me–?” I stammered, feeling like a right shrew.

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A Fun And Relaxed Barn Wedding Of Two Cool Dudes – Morgan & Dan


Today I get to share with you the awesome wedding in Matfen, Northumberland at High House Farm Brewery of Morgan and Dan from Katie Byram Photography. Morgan and Dan both met at work where he was a student ans she was a single parent. Their story is just wonderful.


Our eyes met over the top of our computer screens at a busy call centre – a modern day fairy-tale, I Know! Dan had recently been removed from university for an unwilling to curb his ‘burning the candle at both ends’ lifestyle. I was returning to work following the birth of Grace, my first daughter. I was placed on the same team as Dan and we quickly became best mates, giving each other the nickname ‘dude’ like cheesy, American surfers or something! Dan says that he has always loved me, literally from first sight but always thought I was out of his league! I thought Dan was way too ‘cool’ for me, our lifestyles could not have been more different, typical student and single parent. Our first ‘date’ Dan managed to get out of a boring work party because his mate, Rick Danger, ran a bar where Skepta was doing a gig. I really wanted to go so I blamed the baby sitter and ditched the party early to go with Dan.  I met him at his flat where he lived with his friends. I was the only girl there, it was typical student digs – they had no cups or glasses (well clean ones anyway) so he went over the road and borrowed some from Subway. It was the best night!! Supercharged with alcohol, singing, dancing and great banter…we both missed work the next day and have been pretty much inseparable since then. We are now just as happy with a few pints!


There are so many highlights to our day it’s really quite hard to narrow it down. One moment in particular really stands out and was captured perfectly on our photos to treasure forever. It was an outdoor wedding in an open barn and the one thing we couldn’t control was the weather! It started raining bang on 2pm as I stepped out of the camper van. I wasn’t worried at this point though, I was just so excited! All went well, we said our vows, had our kiss and signed the papers but our guests had been outside for a while now and were starting to look cold, it was looking like we were going to have to take it inside.  So the music comes on, we are pronounced man and wife and we start our walk back down the aisle together as Mr and Mrs and as soon as we got to the end of the barn the sun came bursting out, it was blinding. It was such a special moment it felt heavenly as if our happiness was reflected in the sky.

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Marry Me Ink Loves Emma Warley Photography


How is it the end of February already? Did any of you get engaged over Valentines Day? I’d love to hear from you if you did, as Marry Me Ink is still looking for 2015’s tattooed bride. You can read more about that here.


Today, I get to introduce you to another super supplier – Emma Warley Photography! You may have seen Emma’s work previously – Stephanie and Jock’s Falling Foss Tea Garden wedding


My name is Emma Warley and I take photos that will make you smile, laugh and even cry (in a good way). I’m an alternative wedding photographer in that I don’t just turn up, get the group shots and go home, I stay with you all day and rock it.

I live by the seaside in Scarborough with my husband Richard and two cats, Eddie and Meg. I have rainbow hair, am obsessed with The Goonies and listen to an awful lot of music.


The inspiration for my work comes from love and people who love each other, as corny as that sounds, it’s what makes me have a passion for what I do. I take a lot of inspiration from films, music and the places around me too. I try to make the photographs I take of you show your love and personalities to the world and make you remember even the most fleeting of moments with fondness and a big ol’cheesy grin.

My favourite brides and grooms have big smiles, aren’t afraid to show their emotions and are totally up for fun and laughter on their wedding day!

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