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A Classy Rock And Roll Derby Wedding – Lizzie & Wayne

Lizzie and Wayne got married in Derby’s Breadsall Priory where they had a big rock and roll wedding. They both met at a Zebrahead concert 10 years ago (EPIC), but Wayne didn’t introduce himself to Lizzie until five years later when she was performing burlesque at a charity event with the Nottingham Roller Derby Team. This is also how Lizzie and Wayne chose their wedding photographer Emma of Luna Photography (She’s part of the same roller derby team!). Lizzie wore a gorgeous dress by Justin Alexander and her hair and makeup was done by the amazing duo of Lucille Locks and Ms Moo Make Up to complete her glamorous rock n’ roll look

Wayne first spotted me at a Zebrahead gig in Rock City back in 2007, but he didn’t introduce himself until 5 years later! We officially met in 2012 at a fundraiser for Nottingham roller derby team, the Hellfire Harlots. I’d been invited to perform burlesque at the event and Wayne was down there with his friend Paul, who was a member of men’s roller derby team, the Super Smash Brollers. 

“Dude, you pulled the stripper!” were the words that came out of his friend Paul’s mouth (and would later find their way into his Best Man’s speech!). But funnily enough, Wayne later told me that if he’d seen me perform that night, he would never have been able to speak to me. Wayne had in fact missed both of my performances and the thing that’d compelled him to approach me that night was the gig we were at 5 years earlier; he didn’t want to miss another chance to speak to me! He’s so sweet, and to this day I still have the piece of paper he gave me. 

Wayne sells tools to the automotive industry for a living, so when I started to think of how to present our wedding rings on the big day, it had to be in a toolbox! Wayne’s Nephew Thomas was our ring-bearer, so we had to pick a toolbox that’d be easy for him to carry. Wayne picked this amazing little blue toolbox; the thing was covered in rust and we got it for just over £4.00 from Ebay! I had this idea to have some sentimental words written on it, and after a week or so I’d come up with a sentence I wanted to use. We then sent the toolbox down to Robyn of Miss Atomic pinstriping to be lacquered and decorated. We couldn’t fit the whole sentence on the front of the toolbox, so it continues onto the ring cushion that’s inside. It reads “All the tools we need for happy lives together”. It’s quite symbolic of our hard work, creativity and our love for each other. 

My Dad is an accomplished Graphic Designer, and I knew I needed his help to give the wedding that personalised touch. It was great fun working together on ideas, and seeing them turned into these incredible finished products.  I also enjoyed putting together our centrepieces and our quiz! Each table had a theme that meant something to us as an individual or as a couple. The centrepieces were an object to represent the theme, and a little sign explaining what that theme meant to us. The signs were filled with fun little facts, so I decided to use them as the basis for a quiz! There were 12 questions, one for each table/theme. To answer all 12 questions, guests had to walk around looking at each of the centrepieces and interacting with other guests in the process. Some guests got very competitive!

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An Urban, Graffiti Filled Groom Shoot


I couldn’t wait to share with you this urban styled groom shoot from Matt Selby Photography. I love it that I get to share tattooed grooms as well as tattooed brides! Matt decided on an impromptu photoshoot in Nottingham’s Lace Market, where nothing was planned, apart from the shoot. After meeting up with his trusty assistant Gareth, they met up with model (and recently crowned Mr Nottingham) Chris Wells


The following images were taken to demonstrate the photographic potential for grooms (or brides for that matter) in urban areas. The areas covered in the shoot are all within a 5 minute walk from each other so one doesn’t have to venture far to find ideal photo opportunities.


I find it interesting to walk down a street with the intention on finding a suitable area for a photograph, with this mind-set one can quickly find scenes/backdrops that could otherwise be ignored. One particular building I came across had some serious photographic potential, a boarded up door, paint cracking & peeling off the walls the kind of building you don’t expect to see in Nottingham’s Lace Market – the sort of building people will pass on a daily basis and simply ignore, maybe we’re subconsciously drawn to the opposite in urban areas, as we’re so used to seeing designer shops, vibrant colours, advertisements etc which makes building like this go unnoticed. For me, finding these hidden gems can not only be satisfying when you see the final images, but can set you apart from other photographers.

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A Sugar Skull And Band Themed Wedding – Lou & Aaron


“We met due to ending up in a band together. I thought he was the quiet weird one!”


Today I get to share with you the awesome wedding of Lou & Aaron, who created a lot of their wedding extras themselves (including the band themed table plan) with images from Luna Photography.


Many details represented Lou & Aaron as a couple including their fantastic cake topper and sugar skulls in the flowers and button holes. Lou and the bridesmaids’ beautiful dresses were from Fairytales By Sherry and their wedding reception took place at the Lion & Swan Hotel in Congleton.

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Love Letters – Home Is Where The Heart Is


Today I get to share the cute engagement shoot of Nicola and Andy from the fabulous Becky Ryan Photography which took place in their vintage knick knack filled  home.


The power of Twitter had led us to the lovely Becky Ryan, who has just branched out into the world of photography and was looking to build up her portfolio. We are also on a budget so I thought we could help each other out! After a few emails, FaceBook messages and tweets we finally settled on a day which was mutually convenient.

When Becky arrived we all had a brew and exchanged pleasantries. I could tell straight away that she would be great to work with.


As our house was going to feature heavily in the shots, we gave her the grand tour. As I went off to get changed, Becky went around the house again by herself, getting a feel for the light etc. She took a few snaps of our knick-knackery just to get started then it was time for “lights, camera, action!”

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