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A Graffiti, Rock and Roll Wedding in Pennsylvania – Meghann & Rick


Today’s wedding takes places in both a theatre and a lighthouse! It’s super awesome, also there’s a bespoke graffiti piece that was designed for Meghann & Rick. With photography from NikkiMayDay Photography, I’m excited to share with you Meghann & Rick’s story!


I met Rick on my first day when I started working at a local Juvenile Detention Facility. We worked with teenage boys and girls who had mental health and drug and alcohol issues. We stayed friends for a few years, and then when we were out with co-workers one night, we started hitting it off and realized that there was some attraction. We dated for about 3 years, and then he proposed on my birthday! 


“Having a whole room of friends and family and people who care about you is an amazing rush!”


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