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A MOD Lancashire Wedding Full Of Pin Ups and Scooters – Kira & David

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you Kira and David’s wedding from ZT Photography who I’m excited to have as part of The Tattooed Wedding Collective this weekend at The Tattoo Tea Party! They both got married at The Shireburn Arms Hotel in Clitheroe, Lancashire and it was full of fun on the day!

We actually met in a nightclub over 6 years ago. It sounds a bit like a film but it really was one of them moments where we both glanced across the room and caught each other’s eye. I said a few words to my friend and decided to pluck up the courage and walk over, however I got half way and freaked out so veered from his direction. As I turned he somehow managed to get in front of me which incidentally made me trip over his feet and into his arms. No words were said we just ended up kissing and now here we are married. I was hoping we could get married in the nightclub but unfortunately it got shut down.

We had a variety of things really that represented us, we are quiet quirky I would say and like to be a bit different especially with it being our actual day. Dave’s a bit of a MOD so was great to see all the valleys scooters come together and surprise him on the big day. We also love Northern soul so I asked a young dancing group called ‘Young Souls’ to entertain our guests at night – They can do some incredible high kicks!

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Kristi & Chris’ Woodland Wedding Portraits


Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you gorgeous tattooed bride Kristi and her husband Chris’ portraits that they had done specially after their wedding day at Chris’ dad’s ranch by Ali of Kesner Creative.


We both met at a destination wedding – We were the only two people from Florida. We ended up making out for two days straight and, after our goodbyes, texted each other non-stop. After three months of over 3hours drives to visit each other, we moved in together.


Out day was about having all our closest family and friends together and just celebrating with everyone. 

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A Colourful And Nature Filled Wedding In Milwaukee – Chrissy & Jesse

wisconsin wedding photographer - megan yanz photography_0047

Today I get to share with you a favourite wedding of mine from Wisconsin wedding photographer Megan Yanz Photography. Megan sent me Chrissy & Jesse’s wedding and I wanted it to be the first of 2015 due to it being so awesome! Chrissy’s tattoos look gorgeous and she did her hair and make-up herself. I love her hairpiece!

wisconsin wedding photographer - megan yanz photography_0041

We met in our church youth group when we were both in middle school, and we became close friends in early high school. However, we didn’t start dating until the summer after I graduated from high school and Jesse finished his first year of college. We were on a church trip in a tiny town called Axtel, Nebraska, and Jesse’s sister, Kelly, was my roommate. She told me that Jesse had a crush on me, but he was never going to do anything about it. So one night, I just kissed him. Two days later he asked me to be his girlfriend when I came to visit him at work. The rest is history.

wisconsin wedding photographer - megan yanz photography_0031

It was incredible and so, so special to have so many of our friends and family with us on our big day. Plus, my little brother, Cody, gave a hilarious one word speech. He stood up, buttoned a button on his tux, fixed his collar, and then just said, “Hodor” into the microphone (Game of Thrones fans will get this reference). It was so funny, and I will never forget it. 

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