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Love Letters – A 1960s England Shoot

2014.12: AH & RB - e-Shoot

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you this fab engagement shoot of two 1960s lovers Andrea and Rob from WTF4 Photography.

As Andrea and Rob are both fans of the fashion and style of 1960s England (as you can see from their amazing outfits and the inclusion of their much loved Mini and Scooter) photographer Matt wanted to try as much as possible to give their e-shoot that kind of feel. He scouted a number of locations in Swindon (where they live) to find areas that it would not detract from that goal. Matt got some great images from this shoot!

2014.12: AH & RB - e-Shoot

Rob and I met online, I stumbled across his profile and even though I thought “He’s way too cool to be interested in me” I thought I’d try my luck and ‘liked’ his profile (or whatever it is you do on these sites to show interest) and he messaged me back that day, part of the message included a rude joke in response to something I had on my profile…. I knew our sense of humour would work from that moment on!

2014.12: AH & RB - e-Shoot

When we met, I lived in Bristol and Rob in Swindon (about 50 miles away) so we did a lot of travelling back and forth, I’ve almost doubled the mileage on my old classic mini since we met. He was worth all the bouncy trips down the motorway though! 9 months later I moved in (so the car gets a slightly easier time now!)

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