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A Gamer’s Wedding With A Tattoo Station At Middle Earth – Zarah & Rick

This morning on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Zarah & Rick’s wedding that took place earlier this year at Heaton House Farm in Cheshire and photographed by Manchester wedding photographer Cassandra Lane. They’re both avid gamers so their wedding reception was full of retro arcade game machines and being massive Tolkien fans, had their table plan based in Middle Earth. 

I had never experienced the joys of online dating before and my best friend Luke (serial professional online dater) signed me up to a well known dating website so I could be acquainted with the whole process. He had enjoyed several (extremely funny) nightmarish dates which I loved hearing about. We both met at drama school years ago and had the genius idea to write a hilarious play about dating in the modern world but he insisted that before we start writing, I needed some of my own online horror stories. He signed me up when we were chatting about all this at a house party, uploaded some drunk selfies of me pouting and wrote some terribly cheesy things on my new profile about what a geek I am. He then spent the rest of the evening logged on as me messaging boys! The next day after my hangover had cleared and regret had set in, I fully intended to delete the profile and as I was trying to negotiate my way to the ‘delete account’ section (never easy to find!), a little message from a very handsome looking chap popped up. Well, I must say I was intrigued… so I messaged him back and we went for our first date a few days later. That dating app was immediately deleted and we married three years later. Luke was still on that dating website for another year and wouldn’t let me forget it! He was my ‘bridesman’ and took credit for the whole wedding in his speech!

Our wedding was far from traditional and really represented us as a couple which is exactly what we wanted. We just wanted to have fun. Before we met one another we never imagined we’d ever get married and when Rick proposed to me, it was a huge surprise. I couldn’t believe we were going to plan a wedding day! We are both party loving geeks and massive retro video game fans so this is what we wanted to celebrate. I am a huge Tolkien nerd so our seating plan was a huge map of Middle Earth with each table being a place from that world.

We had lots of DIY decorations throughout the venue which were inspired by all the geeky things we love such as a dalek with a bow tie, and BB8 (of star wars fame) in a top hat along with models of Link and Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda) dressed as a bride and groom. The colour scheme of the day was also ink inspired. My favourite colours (and therefore most of my tattoos!) are red and black and these colours ran throughout the day and looked stunning.

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A 50s Retro Superhero Wedding – Amy & Neil

Amy & Neil-252

Today on Marry Me Ink, tattooed bride Amy shares with us her wedding to Neil with plenty of DIY elements and photography from Jess Yarwood.

Amy & Neil-296

Neil and I first met when I was 12 and he was 16. I  had a massive crush on him but after 3 years, we lost touch. We eventually met back up 6 years ago at my older sisters birthday party and hit it off big time.

Amy & Neil-162

A stand out moment for me was my 6 year old son walking me down the aisle.

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A Simple, Sweet, Retro Rock’n’Roll Wedding – Chris & Tristan


What’s better than a Rock ‘n Roll wedding? I think getting married by the King is something special, that’s exactly exactly what Chris and Tristan did when they got married! With a custom dress from Dolly Couture and photography from Jessica Branstetter, I am in love with this retro wedding!


We met online. A fateful friend’s request on MySpace. I was a little hesitant because he was a bit younger than me, but he was cute so I accepted. I messaged him saying I wasn’t on MySpace often, so he asked for my number. A few days later he called me. During the conversation I discovered he was still in high school, meaning he’d fibbed about his age on his profile two years. I wasn’t sure what to think, being twenty-three and living on my own… He was surprisingly charming, assuring me he always had a thing for “older women”. Haha. Like I said, he was cute, so…  That’s how we initially met.

We had Elvis style vows performed. Promising to not have “suspicious minds” and not to be a “hound dog”… To “love each other tender…” etc. I know Chris and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Several people told me they were either laughing or crying or both! It was lovely and light-hearted. Just what I wanted.

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A Big Kid’s Party Full Of Robots And Gumball Machines – Jen & Gazz


Tattooed bride Jen and husband Gazz had a super fun wedding filled with colourful and tasty treats! Jen is a fabulous alternative model so when I found out she was getting married and wearing a bespoke Boo Boo Kitty Couture dress, I just had to make sure that her wedding would be on Marry Me Ink! I’m super excited that I get to share their awesome day at the Pyramid and Parr Hall with you from Frameworks Media.


We met at college, I was 16 and he was 18! We bonded over a mutual love of Less Than Jake and the fact that we were/are both geeks! After 13 years, we figured it was about time to get married!


The whole day was literally so perfect that I cant even choose one thing for my favourite! When you have something in your mind and you hope it will be that good – well it was better! One of my favourite moments was our first dance (Dont you forget about me – Simple Minds) when Gazz did a Judd Nelson-esque fist pump.. That was pretty awesome!

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