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A Steampunk, Video Game, Lego, Lord Of The Rings Filled Wedding – Emily & Daryl

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“I think our wedding was so different because it was so much of me and Daryl, everyone who came said it was definitely the best and most unique wedding they had ever been part of.”

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Today I get to share with you Emily & Daryl’s super cool wedding, filled with little hints of awesomeness based on their love for Lego, videos games, Lord Of The Rings and so much more! There’s even a ring bearing owl – everyone loves an owl! With stunning photography from Helen Russell.

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We wanted our wedding to reflect us as a couple. We are both pretty unique people, We tried to bring in a little bit of ourselves in everything that we did. The wedding cake Lego base was inspired by Daryls love of Lego although we had originally toyed with the idea of zombie apocalypse on the Tyne bridge during the great north run. The music we chose for the service was all from our favourite video games and Daryl’s hat reflected his interest in steam punk. 

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