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Love Letters – A Glorious Sunset


Yesterday wasn’t so sunny here in Manchester, so I thought I’d remind us all of the glorious weather we’ve been having lately with this gorgeous shoot from Darren Mack Photography of Kayleigh and Chris’ engagement! (Seriously, the suns through the trees is making me all smiley!)


We met when I started working at Morrisons in the salad bar. Chris worked in the cafe, I was 17 and he was 24. He caught my eye straight away and I had caught his too (I was totally oblivious to this) he would walk through my department at least 10 times a shift (which I didn’t mind cause I liked to look at him bum as he walked by!)


After a little while one of the girls that works with Chris in the cafe was teasing me “I know some one who likes you!”. This went on for months, it started to really annoy me cause I wanted to know if it was the same person I liked.. Eventually I cracked and had a moan at work colleague (I called her Nanna as she’s in her 60’s) and told her about the teasing and that I wanted to know if it was the guy that I was after! At that, I went on my break and when I came back she said “I’ve solved your problem and yes it is Chris that likes you” – I was mortified! I felt so embarrassed!


Later in the shift, he walked through the department again and smirked at me as he went by. I went as red as a tomato cause I knew he knew I fancied him! When he came back through the next time, he stopped and asked me if I wanted to go for a drink sometime (at this point I was mopping the floors.. sexy!) I stuttered a childish yes! He then went on to explain that it would have to be in 2 weeks time as he was skint and had to wait till pay day.. Romantic!

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Love Letters – With True Grit & Amazing Grace


Today I get to share with you the most beautiful story of Aisling and Jeremiah’s engagement, alongside the stunning photography of Natalie J Weddings


We met in Vancouver, Canada. I had been living there for nearly a year and Jeremiah there for 3 years.

We met in a bar that I worked in Gastown called the The Metropole Pub “The Met”. Jeremiah would come in after work for a drink or he would come down on his days off with a group of mates for $2 Tuesdays. He and his mates drank a lot of $2 beers, they always tipped the best and the politest customers.


One night someone had had too many $2 beers and a fight had broken out (a regular occurrence at The Met), somehow this time Jeremiah and his mates had got dragged into it and onto the street, Jeremiah’s jacket got left behind and through the chaos I managed to find him and give it back. That was it that was “the moment”.


I was intrigued by Jeremiah, he was a big presence, always well dressed with tattoo’s and slick back hair, he was quiet and polite. We talked on Facebook and arranged to go to the movies.. The closer the date got, the more nervous I became.

A couple of nights before our date, I was out with some friends for a birthday and after a few too many drinks and new found courage I called Jeremiah and told him we had to meet right now and he obliged. Being the true gentleman he is , he looked after me gave me water and we talked all night, we were barely apart from that moment on.


After a few months of being together and doing everything together, my Canadian visa was expiring and I had to go back to England. For us to be together, Jeremiah had to return home to Australia to work and to save. This was a very difficult time for us being worlds apart and both leaving behind friends and the city we loved so much, but after a few months I was granted my Australian Visa and Jeremiah had paid for my flights. I shortly after arrived in Australia where Jeremiah has become the Grit to my Grace and we have began a wonderful new life together with our trusty sidekick and puppy dog Mr Bugsy.


After two years of living in Australia, we took a trip back to the U.K to introduce Jeremiah to my family (and little did in know, for Jeremiah to ask my dad for his blessing). We spent two weeks in the UK before doing a mini Euro Trip starting in Spain to see my bothers. From La Manga we drove the coast to Barcelona and then we flew to Nice. On the top of Montee Du Chateau over looking the most beautiful view of nice, Jeremiah told me he loved me as I was devouring the juiciest peach of my life I nodded with a approval. And then out of the blue he got down on one knee.. Through tears and beaming smile, (and a mouth full of peach) I said yes.


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Love Letters – A Rocking Seaside Engagement


Today I get to share the awesome Holli & Tim’s engagement shoot from the fabulous Ed Godden Photography.


I met up with the lovely Holli and Tim at their seaside home town of Southsea. Not only did I have loads of fun shooting them dodging the rain and playing games in the amusement arcade, I also managed to fill the afternoon by taking a little walk down memory lane.


“Holli and Tim are the perfect couple. You simply don’t get much cooler than these two!”

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A Vegan, Down To Earth Wedding – Dea & Dominik

2013-08-30_0038Photography credit: Sergio Stiletto – Lucky Lola Shop

Today I get to share something pretty awesome with you. You may remember Dea from a previous post where I got to interview her about her gorgeous tattoos and artwork here. Well, she got married!!


The part which represented us as a couple I think was the leaned back atmosphere. We had a camp fire, singer songwriter music and an open air location with a vegetarian/vegan buffet with a vegan wedding cake! We were surprised and pleased how happy everyone was with our decision not to have meat on the menu.


We put together all of the decoration elements such as bows and garlands. As our western-inspired outdoor location was already so pretty and romantic, we didn’t have to add too much stuff.

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