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A Vintage, Enchanting Chapel Wedding – Jaclyn & Joseph

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Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share tattooed bride Jaclyn and husband Joseph’s intimate chapel wedding from Tara O. Photos – the fab vintage pin up photographer.

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We first saw each other on Instagram. We started by dropping comments and likes on each other’s photos. Then a few weeks later we started chatting through DM. We continued talking every day for a few months, we would talk about everything from our favourite snacks to our goals in life. Our conversations lasted all night until one of us fell asleep. After that we knew we had to meet in person. From that moment on we knew it was forever!

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Our wedding was held at a Spanish style chapel that had a very vintage feel, along with a day of the dead themed cake. I had wedding cake themed bridal shoes and a Spanish inspired headdress. They were the bits that represented us as a couple.

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A Victorian Carnival Wedding Weeking Part II – Jo & Leigh


You may remember that I eventually got round to blogging the first half of Jo and Leigh’s carnival wedding a few weeks ago. The ultimate tattooed bride Miss Jo Black got married last year and, in the run up, blogged for Marry Me Ink with all her planning details. Jo and her husband Leigh decided to split their wedding celebrations over two days – One day for the legal part with their very closest family and the second day celebrating with all of their friends. Today I get to share with you Jo and Leigh’s second day of celebrations from photographer Matthew Harris Photo.


We decided to have a Victorian Carnival theme at the reception, a sort of freak show and circus vibe because we are far from normal people, and we wanted to just feel as comfortable as possible on our wedding day! Everything was also black and gold which looked amazing!


I basically hand made everything decoration wise, roped my sister in law, bridesmaids and my mother in to a lot of making bunting and pompoms, hand painting signs and decorating our own cakes! Being an artist I really wanted to have as much input into the design elements of the day as possible. I kept a lot of it secret from Leigh, I wanted him to be wowed on the day! Everything was in black and gold, the best part of it for me was doing the cakes, we had so much fun and they looked amazing!

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An Original, Outdoor Wedding In Guatemala – Kris & Irwin

Irwin & Kris - Daniel Lopez Perez - Wedding Photographer Guatemala - 060

Today’s tattooed bride on Marry Me Ink has gorgeous inkings including Maleficent and her raven Diablo. Kris married Irwin at their friends’ in San Jose Pinula, Guatemala and had the awesome Daniel Lopez Perez Photography to capture the moments of their day.

Irwin & Kris - Daniel Lopez Perez - Wedding Photographer Guatemala - 048

Irwin and I met each other at Michigan State University. He was using a piece of equipment in the hospital where I was working and when I walked by, he said “Hello Kristine.”  I was instantly annoyed because – How did he know my name? When I asked, he said, “Because you’re wearing a name tag.”  I felt so silly but I didn’t care because he was handsome and I loved his smile.  We hit it off, went out for coffee and eventually got married. 

Irwin & Kris - Daniel Lopez Perez - Wedding Photographer Guatemala - 034

We’re not traditional at all so the hell with having a wedding inside a church.  I love Maleficent (hence the tattoos), so I walked down the aisle to Lana Del Ray’s “Once Upon a Dream.”  After our good friend and minister Jason announced us as husband and wife, we walked down the aisle to “The Throne Room” song played at the end of Episode IV of Star Wars.  The orchestral music captured the moment of us uniting as a couple and we felt like we just saved the Republic.  It was perfect.  

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A Simplistic Elopement With Hippy Vibes – Kristy & Spiryt


Today on Marry Me Ink is tattooed bride Kristy and Spiryt’s elopement at Vance Birthplace State Park, surrounded by close family and a gorgeous landscape of woodland and mountains. They both made the decision to have a “no fuss” wedding without frills and decoration and instead chose to spend their budget on hiring Alexis Schwallier Photography, who also shot their Edward Scissorhands inspired garden engagement which was featured on Marry Me Ink a short while ago.


Honestly, just the simplicity and no fuss feel of our wedding day represented us as a couple. Our elopement was outside at the Vance Birthplace State Park in Asheville, North Carolina. We both wanted a chill, hippie like vibe to our day where everything was just go with the flow. We had no dress code, no theme, and we didn’t want our wedding to be fussy. We are both pretty chill people who love beautiful things. That’s why we wanted to have the elements of the mountains around us for our big day.


Stay true to what you both want for your wedding. It’s about the two of you coming together, not everyone else. I knew that I didn’t want a huge spectacle of a wedding because that’s not me and not us. It was challenging at times when we had to justify our choice of eloping, but in the end we are completely happy with our decision. 


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