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A Boutique And Glamourous 1920s LA Wedding – Stephanie & Jonas

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Who got engaged over the winter break? I’d love to hear your stories and see you beautiful rings.. Make sure you go and share them over on the Marry Me Ink Facebook page!

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Stephanie and Jonas’ LA wedding at Culver City Hotel, full of 1920s glamour, from Steve Cowell Photo.

We met each other at a hockey game. My roommate (Chelsea) at the time had tickets to go see the LA Kings play and her date fell through at the last minute so I decided to join her. She befriended my future husband in line while ordering beer and the rest was history, and ironically we both were wearing long sleeves the whole night and didn’t know until we became Instagram “friends” the next day how tattooed we both really were. 

The whole wedding was pretty much DIY. I didn’t want a wedding planner – I wanted it to be my own and even if things didn’t turn out perfect I was okay with that because it was something that I created with love and from my heart. I knew I wanted it to be 20’s themed with a touch of that Gatsby glamorous feel so I really stuck to that idea, almost everything was hand made or customized. Every single detail was thought of, almost like putting a puzzle together, every piece just fit so it was really neat seeing that vision come to life.

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A Casual, Intimate Elopement In Cornwall – Megan & George

Mr and Mrs Cooper 316

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Megan and George’s elopement that took place in Cornwall with only two friends and photographer Jamie Webb of Webb Family Photography to witness. Because of the location, Jamie captured some gorgeous shots of them both and their friends enjoying their after ceremony picnic.

Mr and Mrs Cooper 263

We both met when we were in school together starting a new class. George thought I was cute and stabbed a pencil into my leg to get my attention! Well, I guess it worked, because 5 years later we’re married!

The whole day  was pretty much DIY! We washed our car because we packed everyone into it to drive down, we also made sausage rolls for the picnic we had, the presents from our guests were homemade too! It was a really casual day which really suited us, but the sausage rolls were definitely the highlight.

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A Nerdy Art Museum Wedding Filled With Lego – Rebecca & Nic


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you tattooed bride Rebbeca and husband Nic’s wedding that took place at the Figge Art Museum in Iowa. 

One of the highlights of the day was when Rebecca and  Nic decided that they were going to exchange gifts at the Figge’s newest exhibit that was on display, The Art of Architecture: LEGO Sculptures by Adam Reed Tucker. They were going to do it without actually seeing each other. They decided to do it at the last minute, initially they weren’t planning on seeing each other, and their photographer Ford Photography loved the idea! It was a way to connect without spoiling seeing each other. When initially planning the wedding at the museum, they planned on incorporating Legos into it and Rebecca even bought Nic cufflinks of Emmet from “The Lego Movie” long before they even discovered this exhibit was coming.


Nic and I met through a mutual friend of ours who was attending chiropractic college with me. He was living in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and I was living in Davenport, Iowa. She introduced us, and we began texting shortly after. I wasn’t exactly sold on jumping into the dating scene yet because I had just gone through a breakup, but agreed to meet up anyway. Nic, along with a group of my friends met up at a local brewery downtown Davenport. We were friends for about 4 months before we actually decided to start dating, and I’m so glad we took our time.

When we eventually started dating, we dated for 10 months before we were engaged. We were engaged for 17 months. For about 21 of those months we lived 2 hours apart from each other, only seeing each other on the weekends. Nic finally moved to Davenport to be with me last October. We were married months after that. Nic claims that the reason why I agreed to end up dating him was because he made me the best chocolate cake in the world when we were still just friends.. (That might play a small role in it!)


When we were planning the wedding I wanted it to be low stress, which represented us the most. We didn’t pick a “theme” because we felt like their were so many tiny elements that represented us, and I didn’t want to limit myself. I felt like if I could include small nerdy things that represented who we were, people would understand it. We included small touches like our cake topper of a Lego wedding couple, our programs, and instead of cake we opted for cupcakes from Nic’s favorite place, Scratch Cupcakery from his hometown. And even included mad-libs for the guests to do at their tables. We just felt these small touches represented us in a large way.

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Marry Me Ink Loves Ed Godden Photography

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to introduce you to Ed Godden Photography. I’ve had the chance to feature one of Ed’s weddings before and I’m excited to be sharing some sneak peeks to what others are to be featured on the blog! Ed very kindly let me ask him a few questions about his photography style and previous couples.


I’m Ed, and I’m the photographer, editing machine, chief coffee maker, and general dogs body at Ed Godden Photography.

I’ve been a full time pro photographer for 20 years now… ever since I left college at 17 years old. I shoot weddings all year round for alternative, creative, and chilled-out couples in love.

My style of shooting is very relaxed, stylish, simple, documentary photography. Capturing special moments and telling a true story of the day, in a funky and stylish manner is always my main priority on a wedding day.


What inspires your work?

My couples inspire me to push me year after year. Seeing the joy I bring to a couple and their friends and family is the best feeling in the world. I shoot at least 30 weddings a year, so am always trying new things and experimenting.

autumn wedding

What are your favourite brides to work with?

I’m in a very fortunate position where most brides that book me are chilled-out, laid back brides, that are happy to put complete trust into me on their wedding day. Allowing me to just shoot away, and do my thing!
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