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Fine Jewellery By Alex Monroe

MMI_2740Fine bark diamond ring with vine detail

Today I get to share with you the gorgeous work of Alex Monroe, who has been making jewellery for the past 25 years. These fine intricate rings are inspired by nature and British eccentricity bringing a cute, whimsical charm which makes each piece it’s own.

Fine Bark Band Ring with Vine Detail, Wide Bark Ring set with Tsavorite, Diamond Twig Band

Having trained at the Sir John Cass School of Art in London, Alex started making his own jewellery in 1986 out of a small workshop in a picturesque, Victorian cobbled yard in south London. To this day, all of his jewellery is still hand made by a team of highly skilled jewellers in that same studio.

MMI_2745Hammered Heritage Band 2, Feather Band Ring, Plain Grass Blade 3mm Band, Heritage Ring 5

Alex makes all of his original designs by hand using traditional jewellery making techniques, and he will often craft his own tools to help with the creation of a new piece. After his initial sketches, he will move to his bench. Here he will start working directly into pieces of silver to create the original item. Working with silver instead of wax allows him to achieve the high levels of detail and texture that are such a feature of his jewellery.

MMI_2747White Dream, Morganite 8mm Hoya Ring, Green Amethyst Forest Jewel Ring, 5mm Pale Green Sapphire Eyebright

How gorgeous are Alex’s designs. Be sure to go and check out more of his fine jewellery on his website – They’re just gorgeous!

If I Could Give You The Moon – Eclectic Eccentricity

This is one super cool necklace that I get to share with you today from Eclectic Eccentricity (Also known as EE) – A limited edition, exclusive necklace that features REAL MOON DUST!

EE moon

Established in 2004 by a girl with a passion, Lucy Crick, EE did not grow overnight; but from its humble beginnings on Lucy’s living room table it’s now grown into a small Empire of loyal customers, celebrity fans and worldwide stockists. This is a very special product launch for the company as Lucy is a former Maths and Astronomy degree student, who has been a dedicated star gazer since she was a little girl.

The design team have created a limited edition new necklace that includes real moon dust, taken from a lunar meteorite which fell to earth in 2005. If I Could Give You the Moon has landed!

Lunar meteorites are very rare, only around 180 examples have ever been discovered. By comparing the chemical composition of these meteorites with samples collected from the Moon (yes the real moon!) by NASA during the Apollo missions, the origin of these rocks can be confirmed as Lunar.

moon necklace 2

“An extra special gift or purchase for the stargazers, science fans or simply those who love objects of wonder, only 100 have been made.”

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