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A Wedmore Place Styled Elopement Shoot


Today I get to share a tattooed bride styled shoot that’s a bit different to what I’ve already featured on Marry Me Ink before. From Tiltawhirl Imagery, I bring you the tattooed bride elopement! 


Our styled shoot began as a desire to show brides there were options

Wedmore Place is a European-inspired hotel on the grounds of the Williamsburg Winery. Every bit of a wedding can be customized so that you can be true to yourself. Don’t want to wear white… Don’t! Don’t want to carry a bouquet… Don’t! Want to elope… Do it! (But still hire a photographer!) We were also inspired by the hotel’s European flavorings and the open and inviting atmosphere of a smaller hotel, where people you have never met welcome you with open arms and invite you into their gatherings.


As with all of our shoots, we had a cinematic approach complete with storyline…

Once upon a time…

Having met while traveling the world, Henry and Antigone grew closer together with each and every passport stamp they collected. Realizing they soon would part ways and head to different lives in different countries, Henry asked for Antigone’s hand in marriage. Never wanting to have a single moment apart, the couple knew their elopement would be the start of their greatest adventure. The couple remembered a brochure they’d found in a small town a few stops back that would make for the perfect place to exchange vows. Arrangements were made and they set off. As soon as they saw the picturesque drive and the hotel that looked like a quaint castle nestled deep in wine vineyards, they knew this was a place they’d revisit over and over in their minds eye. 

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