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A Victorian Carnival Wedding Weeking Part I – Jo & Leigh


It’s finally here!! The ultimate tattooed bride Miss Jo Black got married last year and, in the run up, blogged for Marry Me Ink with all her planning details. Jo and her husband Leigh decided to split their wedding celebrations over two days – One day for the legal part with their very closest family and the second day celebrating with all of their friends. Today I get to share with you Jo and Leigh’s legal part and family celebrations (You’ll have to come back in the next few weeks to see the second half) from photographer Matthew Harris Photo.


I am a tattoo artist, I own a studio in a small town called Frome, it’s a busy and vibrant town in the middle of nowhere. But Leigh had been following me on Instagram for some time (@missjoblacktattoos) and commenting on my work saying he would love to book a tattoo with me.

One busy Saturday when I had a couple of other girls in the shop he showed up! He was living in Birmingham at the time but visiting his son, who he had brought along, about an hours drive from Frome. I was immediately attracted to him, his confidence and his amazing smile were quite overwhelming. The other girls in the shop shot me some looks too and I must have gone bright red.


I greeted him and made the booking for him, whilst he was in the shop his son said “Dad I love you SOOOOOOO much’ and obviously this made us girls melt a little bit. After he left one of my friends joked “Imagine! He could be the man you marry!”

Shortly after Leigh and Finn left to have a wander around Frome, I popped out to get some coffees for us from a café up the road. They were in there getting ice cream, so I went over and said hi, told him I had no more clients that day and we had a walk around Frome together before they drove home.

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