Bubblegum Love – Trash The Dress [Tattooed Bride Blog]

When Las Vegas photographer JamieY sent me these images through.. I fell in love with how Rock & Roll this doll is!
She is a total beauty!

I mean look at her! Absolutely gorgeous & a tattoo sleeve to die for! Make you sure you look through all the photos & leave JamieY some love for her work – it’s outstanding! The dress does eventually get covered in a slushie! – Rach.XX


4 responses to “Bubblegum Love – Trash The Dress [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. I love asymmetrical tattoo placement! I would gush about how petty the model is and how gorgeous the photography is, but I am far too jealous to deal with that right now.

  2. Yay, thanks so much for featuring these!

  3. BRILLIANT!!!! She has A T T I T U D E-and I LOVE it!!!! Great location, great pics!!!!

  4. Wow, I dont kno how to work this..thank you Jamie for the great direction..um is it bad to be the petty model? Lol..thanks!!