A Nerdy Art Museum Wedding Filled With Lego – Rebecca & Nic


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you tattooed bride Rebbeca and husband Nic’s wedding that took place at the Figge Art Museum in Iowa. 

One of the highlights of the day was when Rebecca and  Nic decided that they were going to exchange gifts at the Figge’s newest exhibit that was on display, The Art of Architecture: LEGO Sculptures by Adam Reed Tucker. They were going to do it without actually seeing each other. They decided to do it at the last minute, initially they weren’t planning on seeing each other, and their photographer Ford Photography loved the idea! It was a way to connect without spoiling seeing each other. When initially planning the wedding at the museum, they planned on incorporating Legos into it and Rebecca even bought Nic cufflinks of Emmet from “The Lego Movie” long before they even discovered this exhibit was coming.


Nic and I met through a mutual friend of ours who was attending chiropractic college with me. He was living in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and I was living in Davenport, Iowa. She introduced us, and we began texting shortly after. I wasn’t exactly sold on jumping into the dating scene yet because I had just gone through a breakup, but agreed to meet up anyway. Nic, along with a group of my friends met up at a local brewery downtown Davenport. We were friends for about 4 months before we actually decided to start dating, and I’m so glad we took our time.

When we eventually started dating, we dated for 10 months before we were engaged. We were engaged for 17 months. For about 21 of those months we lived 2 hours apart from each other, only seeing each other on the weekends. Nic finally moved to Davenport to be with me last October. We were married months after that. Nic claims that the reason why I agreed to end up dating him was because he made me the best chocolate cake in the world when we were still just friends.. (That might play a small role in it!)


When we were planning the wedding I wanted it to be low stress, which represented us the most. We didn’t pick a “theme” because we felt like their were so many tiny elements that represented us, and I didn’t want to limit myself. I felt like if I could include small nerdy things that represented who we were, people would understand it. We included small touches like our cake topper of a Lego wedding couple, our programs, and instead of cake we opted for cupcakes from Nic’s favorite place, Scratch Cupcakery from his hometown. And even included mad-libs for the guests to do at their tables. We just felt these small touches represented us in a large way.

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5 Minimal Back Of Neck Tattoos To Shine On Your Wedding Day

Cover-tattooImage Credit : pixabay.com

A woman’s wedding day is among the most important days of her life and the one on which she wants to truly stand out and look her best. Many tattooed brides go to great lengths to cover up or hide their tattoos. This can significantly limit the choice of wedding dresses for tattooed brides. Some brides choose, however, to flaunt their body art proudly on their wedding day. Even better, independent, free-spirited brides choose to get small meaningful tattoos to commemorate this momentous occasion.

As many brides choose to wear their hair in an elaborate style keeping it up and off their necks, graphic design tattoos for the back of the neck are a subtle and sophisticated way to show their style. Here are some of the best minimal tattoos for back of neck tattoo ideas to complement, rather than compete with, a gorgeous gown. Although tattoo studios have a variety of styles to choose from, it’s important for brides to choose small meaningful tattoos that represent their unique personalities.

Anchor (1)source


The simplicity of graphic design tattoos allows them to represent many things. The anchor is a symbol of travel and adventure that can illustrate the beginning of a couple’s journey together. By getting married, a couple is choosing to follow a path together, but because it can sometimes be a bumpy ride, the anchor can also show a couple’s commitment to be there for each other. An anchor tattoo is a perfect symbol of the promise to be each other’s anchor in stormy times.



Snowflakes are beautifully delicate and each one is unlike any other. Of the many back of neck tattoo ideas, this is one of the easiest to make truly one-of- a-kind representing the couple’s unique relationship and love for each other. A snowflake tattoo shows the world that the bride has found in her groom that one special person that is her perfect match.  Continue reading

A Garden Wedding Organised By Friends – Lisa & Danny


Would you trust your friends to organise your wedding? That’s exactly what tattooed bride Lisa and husband Danny did after exchanging their official vows – and it looked like they did a fantastic job! Their celebrations took place in their back garden with Timo Raab Fotographie there to capture it all.


We both worked in Fuerteventura on the Canarian Islands as entertainers of the German tour operators TUI and Alltours. Our hotels were side by side and one day my entertainment team needed some stuff that we didn’t have, for performing a comedy show. So it was to us to get those things, it was some masks to cover our faces while preparing a new comedy scene, from another entertainment team around our hotel… So I went off to check if the team of the hotel next to us could help us. When I arrived at the entrance, Danny just entered the hotel with his colleague. I asked him if he was an entertainer in that hotel and he affirmed it. So he gave us a chicken mask and one of a biddy and I hurried up to get back in my hotel… When I entered Danny’s hotel the following day to bring the masks back, he stood right in front of me, wearing a pink body and a white tutu. Unfortunately we couldn’t talk that long, because he had to welcome the new guests… But we already met the same night at our local pub while playing darts. And it didn’t take much time until we had our first kiss…


Yes we do! After 4 months we started working together in the same hotel, still on the Canarian Islands, Lanzarote now, to check out if we wanna stay together… And after just two weeks, after we moved to Lanzarote we saw a shop of a German tattoo artist, who already had tattooed people in almost the whole world…. That is when got our couples tattoo which says “Me encanta que te amo” – I love to love you…

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An Airbnb Wedding Reception In Texas – Allie & Dave


Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you tattooed bride Allie and tattooed groom Dave’s Texas chapel wedding and awesome Airbnb reception (What an awesome idea!). This meant they had the small, private wedding they wanted and Austin wedding photographer Elissa R Photography was there to capture it all.


We met at work – our desks were located near each other, and Dave had to pass me to get to his desk when he came into the office every day. We’d awkwardly smile and bat eyelashes each other for a few moments every day until one of our co-workers introduced us because he just knew we’d be into each other.


Everything that we had represented us as a couple on the day! From the privacy of the wedding to our style. We tried to stay as true to ourselves as possible when planning everything out. My mom took care of decorating the cupcakes and arranging them. We didn’t really make anything for our wedding, we just kept it small and simple.

I actually had the tattoo on my back entirely reworked before the wedding because it showed my back and I wanted to ensure my ink matched my beautiful dress that day.

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