Fakeiversary – Personal [Tattooed Bride Blog]

So, time for a personal post from the Marry Me Ink lady herself..

According to social networking site, Facebook, it is Rob & I’s 1year anniversary since our “engagement”.. I am using dreary quotation marks because I am here to point out that we are NOT engaged – Even though Facey tells you we are..
THIS is because around this week last November, I cooked for the whole household on two separate occasions, including my housemate and his friends. On both of these occasions, I had “wooed” Rob over with my wonderful curries. 

That weekend he presented me with an “Engagement Medallion”.. Something that looked like an over the top Hip Hop chain (You get the idea).

We had to make if “official” I was told, and the next I know, it’s everywhere that we’re “engaged”, much to the bemusement of all my friends who took no time in congratulating us on our latest news. 

To celebrate the first year of our “engagement” I bring you photos from the lovely couples’ shoot by Lisa Brown of when we visited Brighton for a family wedding back in June. It’s been such a fun year of being “engaged”. 

Enjoy! – Rach.XX

(For the record – we did eventually get together on New Years Eve/Day)



5 responses to “Fakeiversary – Personal [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. aaahhhhhhh super sweet post ….and gorgeous photographs too x

  2. I love these photos. You two are such a well paired couple. 🙂

    Now, if we can only just get Rob to make an honest woman of you so I can photograph the wedding.

  3. Congratulations and wonderful photos. A fantastic couple if every I met one! I agree with Jaye, I need an excuse to wear my new shoes!!!

  4. You guys are the cutest unengaged engaged couple my peepers ever did see 😉 x

  5. You got together on possibly the most unromantic night of our lives! Meant to be, surely!