A Retro, Tattooed Diner Shoot [Tattooed Bride Blog]

Welcome to 2012 on Marry Me Ink! I have been totally overwhelmed by all of your support & kind words about the blog. I couldn’t have done it without some special guys & gals that made 2011 so exciting and who are going to make 2012 for the site VERY exciting and VERY interesting! – STAY TUNED!

Of course, if it wasn’t for the fantastic weddings and inspiration shoots that arrive in my inbox, I couldn’t do it.
Therefore, I thank each & every one  of you that have submitted your work for me to feature on the site. 

Let me introduce you to Bethan of Haywood Jones Photography. I have two exciting things to show & tell this week from this lady.. This gorgeous shoot being the first of them! (You’ll have to head back on Saturday to see the second!)

When I first received mail from Bethan – it was to say that she loved my site, at the same time I was actually rifling through her galleries on her site and came across this styled shoot of Chi Chi Revolver in Brighton – one of my favourite places!

“The shoot was born from the idea of showing the beauty of tattooed brides! I just wanted the pics to be really simple and for the gorgeous girl to speak for herself.”

I think that Chi Chi looks absolutely fantastic! I love the retro feel of the diner, from the jukebox to the tall milkshakes!
I absolutely love everything about this shoot! The dress is cute and Chi Chi’s pincurls & tattoos are glorious! (I especially love her knuckle tattoos that spell out “Show Time”)

Do leave some love for this brilliantly styled shoot & be sure to head back Saturday morning for more exciting things from Bethan! – Rach.XX

(Previously featured on Rock n’ Roll Bride here)

9 responses to “A Retro, Tattooed Diner Shoot [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. Beautiful shots and what a rockin’ bride! ♥

  2. What a gorgeous shoot….I could gawp at Chi Chi’s tats all day, they are just beautiful! Where are the shoes from?? I need these in my wedding!

    Red <3

  3. The bride, the shoot, the tattoos – *swoon* so stunning!! What a wonderfully inspiring blog/website.

    I am getting married in July and sadly rather a large number of people have asked me how I will be covering my ink for the day. They just don’t get it; I love my ink, its an important part of who I am and I have chosen my beautiful vintage dress to show it all off!

    Lovely to see lots of like minded brides!! 🙂 xoxo

  4. Love it!! Gorgeous work by Haywood Jones (as always). Toooooo absolutely freekin gorgeous for words.

  5. Excellent shoot. That’s a whole octopus amount of ink right there. Very cool!

  6. Great blog, well presented! Look forward to more…

  7. I love it! What a fantastic shoot!! Beautiful shots of a beautiful lady, amazing work …

  8. What absolutley stunning photos and such a beautiful bride! I’m loving your blog. Getting married myself in June and after a good trawl found a beautiful dress to match my tattoos, certainly won’t be hiding them away! I’ll be keeping track of your blog, keep up the good work!!

  9. ps – where is that Diner?:)