A Fun, Colourful, “KAPOW!” Engagement – Samy & Stephen [Tattooed Bride Blog]


This is one of my favourite engagement shoots I’ve posted on the blog so far! I saw these images previous to Zoe sending me a lovely message over on the Photos By Zoe blog where  Samy & Stephen look like they were having so much fun, despite nearly being blown away by the blustery conditions.



Unfortunately, Zoe won’t spill any details of their wedding apart from there being some fab spots around the venue they ave chosen. I can’t wait to see those images later on this year!
Samy & Stephen look like such a fun couple to be with, all the colourful tattoos, skate parks, Samy’s “Boing” necklace & Stephen’s exceptional pouting against the brickwork.



As for their tattoos, Samy tells me that Stephen is quite the addict, with both of his arms covered – one serious, one silly (I love the “KAPOW!” tattoo). One of his next tattoos is a dot-to-dog dragon, which Samy gets to colour in!
As for Samy herself, she is currently planning her first quarter sleeve for before the wedding but is currently finding it hard to find an artist that she likes.



SEE! Aren’t they sun a fun couple?!! Do take a look here through the photos, I can’t wait to see images of their wedding!

Do leave some love for photographer Zoe and for Samy & Stephen.
Also, if you have any tattooists that you like you could leave Samy a comment on who you like/who did yours. My personal favourite tattooists are Laura of Legends Tattoo Studio (She’s a good friend who designed and inked all of mine) and then there’s obviously Nic of Songbird Tattoo Studio.

Have a great week guys! – Rach.X

7 responses to “A Fun, Colourful, “KAPOW!” Engagement – Samy & Stephen [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. LOVE these! Zoe is a friend but also one of my favourite photographers. What a cool couple too… can’t WAIT to see the wedding!

  2. This is one of my favourite shoots of all time. Not only is Zoe amazingly talented – but this couple is far too cute for words. I have ridiculous amounts of tog envy going on.

  3. OOOhhhh !!!!!!! My little heart did a couple of extra excited beats when I saw this little link pop up – thank you ever so much for such a lovely lovely write up Rachel – I couldn’t be more excited about Samy & Stephen’s Wedding… they are utterly fantastic – totally up for anything, and totally up for (literally in Stephen’s case) throwing themselves into anything! Love you guys!

    Claire – thank you ! xx

    Jaye – awwwwww – major tog love going on – thank you me darlin – you are too lovely ! xx

  4. OOOOH thrilled you showed Zoe’s work…she is an amazing photographer with THE best eye…I flippin love her stuff…and these two look fab….can’t wait to see this wedding on the blog 🙂

  5. Gorgeous photos as always from the amazingly talented Zoe! What a lovely couple and those tats are just fabulous!

  6. Fabulous photos!

    And as for tattoo studios I’d highly recommend Cammy Stewart in Metalurgey (Dundee) you’ll find them on Facebook 🙂

  7. Great images Zoe ~ looks like you had tons of fun ~ hope the wedding’s going to be on here too? x