The Turquoise & Red Two Day Tattooed Wedding – Clint & Rae [The Tattooed Bride Blog]

These next two weeks on Marry Me Ink I will be featuring the wedding of Clint and Rae that lasted over two days! When Mike of Allebach Photography got in contact with me with a link to this wedding – just seeing day one of their wedding was enough!

I’m going to hand straight over to Rae to tell you all about her experience of choosing her wedding dress – I totally love this story!

Rachael, I am so honored you guys are featuring the wedding 😉 it truly was the best two days of my life and an unforgettable experience!
I want to tell you the story of my tattoo from the day I picked the dress out..

Ok so the day I went to pick out my Wedding Gown…. I was very nervous. I knew I would find the one dress for me but I was nervous because this was the first time any of my family would see my half sleeve. I had just finished it about 2 weeks prior. I was ready though for weeks wearing long sleeved shirts I needed it to be seen!
My grandmother who I call “Gram” is a traditional Italian woman. I didn’t want to upset her on this momentous day.

So i try on the first dress… No one said a word about the tattoo..
Then the second dress…
Finally the third dress and I hear “That dress looks great with your tattoo” My grandmother picked the dress.

Not only was I so happy with her reaction (and relieved), I absolutely fell in love with the dress and knew it was the one. I saw a tear from my mother and mother in law and in that moment knew that all would be alright. They accepted my artwork because they love me and all that is me, including my new tattoo.

Later at my bachelorette party I explained to my mother the meaning behind the tattoo..

The ship reminds me of my Gram and Pop helping me to sail in life (also Pop was a Sailor in the service)… The Birds are my dad and sister helping me fly away… The water is Clint, my husband, constantly around me in motion… My mother the anchor in my life and the rose has a very special meaning to her, lastly me… The mermaid with big fake boobs surrounded by the people that have truly impacted my life forever.

My mother and I cried that night. Now feeling elated with the tattoo and my own diverse nature I could be proud of my decision.

The wedding was a success but the tattoo made it unique and definable.

I love the story behind the tattoo and doesn’t it look gorgeous?!! Do leave some love for Mike who let me use the images of Clint & Rae’s special day!
Be sure to head back on Thursday next week to hear and see what awesomeness happened on day two of their wedding celebrations!

6 responses to “The Turquoise & Red Two Day Tattooed Wedding – Clint & Rae [The Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. I never usually get shoe envy, but maannnnnn am I WELL JEAL of the bride’s footwear <3 x

  2. LOVE this wedding! Those earrings are too cute!

  3. Totally love this! The dress story is fab, and the artwork on that half sleeve is beautiful 🙂

  4. You had to there, truly a modern day fairy tail with a vintage touch! The bride was just so beautiful with all her “accents” not to mention my handsome son. The two wonderful days could never be duplicated and I always say, ” never say never.”

  5. STILL talking about Clint & Rae’s big day! Their wedding was the most perfect respresentation of a couple I have ever had the honor of attending. Congratulations over and over my friends 🙂

  6. nice bride with a wonderful smile! like bw conversion.