Clint & Rae’s Turquoise & Red Wedding – Day Two [Tattooed Bride Blog]

We met at a local coffee house, I was actually dating one of Rae’s friends at the time. About a year later we ran into each other again and Rae started working for my dad, the rest is history.” – Clint

Welcome to the second day of Clint & Rae’s wedding celebrations! I hope you’re ready for fire breathing, spectacular acts and gorgeous vintage cars? Of course you are! That’s why you’re reading right?

I absolutely love everything about this two day wedding which is why I separated the days into two posts – so you could take it all in & enjoy it as much as I do!

I asked Rae to let us in on why they chose to have a second celebration..
The idea for day two was to simply party it up celebrate and not worry about anything! We incorporated some old cars to fit in with the 1950’s theme. 
As Mike was photographing us by the fence I remember the old historic train chugging by with the horn blowing.  The whole train packed with people waving to the whole wedding party on the patio! It was absolutely out of a freakin movie.

 Around 8:00 we had Old City Side show perform…this was insane!  We had seen them two times before and Clint had the idea to see if they do weddings.  We all gathered in the church, everyone filled the pews.  There were all kinds of nasty little scenes which I wont go into to much detail about, you gotta go see them. 

At the intermission of the show a bunch of the guests left to go dance and outside apparently there were fireworks! I found this out weeks later they were being set off by someone else… so there was something for everyone. We had a kiosk style juke box with 2500 songs preloaded so all the guests could select what they wanted to listen to.

Saturday was exactly what I wanted there was no stress! No formalities!  We got a chance to show people how doing things outside the box can be amazing and fulfilling.  Clint and I maintained the mentality that our wedding was for us and no one else.  With the support of our parents and siblings they made our dreams unfold.  We thank all involved, a true life experience.

Aren’t they just fantastic! Be sure to leave all your lovely comments for Rae & Clint. And again.. HUGE thanks for Mike at Allebach Photography and the gorgeous couple for allowing me to feature this epic two day wedding! 
(You can see day one of this fabulous wedding here!)

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  1. Woweeeee, how much do I love that car??! Well, and just about everything else to be honest!! Gorgeous xxx