Red, White and Blue, Buttons and Tattoos [Tattooed Bride Blog]

Red, white and blue – perfect colours to mark the long weekend celebrating QE’s Diamond Jubilee! 

Huge thanks to Louise at Pavone Photography and I Heart Buttons for sharing this colourful shoot with the Marry Me Ink readers – I had to save it for the Jubilee weekend!
From cakes, to the beautiful tattooed bride Stephanie Starbuck – I’m sure you will love it all. (This next photo is my favourite!)..

“We were keen to use a tattooed bride for a number of reasons. Firstly, being a tattooed lady myself I can fully understand and appreciate the amount of negative attention that tattoos can attract- especially when it comes to things such as weddings. You get alot of comments along the lines of “You look so pretty, but the tattoos ruin it” which personally I find insufferable.

” If you look beautiful, you look beautiful regardless of and in spite of your tattoos – maybe you even look beautiful because of your tattoos! Why does no one even think of that?

“In our line of work, we’ve obviously encountered many brides and many weddings. For me, the most exciting (and important) part of a wedding is seeing the injection of personality that the couple have worked into their day- how they’ve made it theirs;

“It’s so easy to get bogged down by tradition and end up with a day that ticks all the right boxes but is generic, dull and isn’t evidently YOU.. Thats not how weddings should be!

“I love seeing a glimmer of individuality and something a little different. Tattoos become such a big part of a persons identity that I think it’s only right they’re showcased and laid bare on the day that you commit to the one person whos truely supposed to accept and understand you for all that you are. They can represent a whole manner of things whether it’s your values or beliefs, hardships or even just your bad decisions!

“Wear them like a badge of honour and be proud of who you are, what you are and how you got there. For us, thats why we love a tattooed bride. It’s all of that wrapped up in one amazing little package!”

Aren’t the photos just beautiful (Make sure you stick around to see the rest of them – they are amazing!) Do leave Louise and the rest of the lovely vendors your nice comments, They definitely worked hard to produce this awesomeness!

Model: Stephanie Starbuck
Hair & Make up:
Dress: Bridal Shop, Romford
Button Bouquet:
Jewellery: Michael Frank Jewellers
Hair slide:

2 responses to “Red, White and Blue, Buttons and Tattoos [Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. I was lucky enough to be involved in this shoot and the photos are just beautiful!! Louise is a fantastic photographer and a lovely lady too! Thanks for sharing, Rachel!! x

  2. Beautiful photos, LOVE the wedding cake, great details, fabulous shoot!