A Vegas Wedding With Elvis! Emma & Wayne [Tattooed Bride Blog]

Why yes Sir it is.. ELVIS!!! When Emma contacted me about their Vegas wedding, I was greatly excited.. THEN she told me that Elvis officiated the ceremony.. I squealed! 
Emma has been a devoted reader to Marry Me Ink and I’m so pleased that I get to feature her fabulous Vegas wedding on Marry Me Ink today! I’m just going to hand straight over to Emma!

We met because I actually dated one of my husband’s friends!  It was only a month-long, not serious relationship, but I was wary of dating Wayne because I thought it would be weird and inappropriate.   He chased me around and persistently asking me out for over a month before I finally said yes.  We went and saw Turbo Negro for our first date! 

We were engaged for just 4 months!  I received a beautiful diamond cluster ring on Christmas Eve and we were married at the beginning of April. 
We were going to Vegas with some friends for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend and as we didn’t want a huge wedding or a big fuss,Vegas seemed ideal. 
Plus we are both Elvis fans and were really excited at the idea of an Elvis wedding.


Our ‘Elvis’was brilliant- he did an amazing job! We wanted to spend our wedding day alone together. After the ceremony, we went back to Treasure Island (where we were staying) , splurged on a HUGE expensive dinner, then bought matching pirate pyjamas from the gift shop and spent our first night as Mr & Mrs wearing them, eating amazing chocolate room service cake!

This time I wanted to do things properly, to have a white dress and something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. I looked at probably a hundred dresses before realising I would never find exactly what I wanted, before my amazing friend Suzanne of Suzee666 Fashions stepped in and saved the day!  She custom-made an amazing dress from scratch, loosely inspired by a Deadly Dames one I’d seen online.

I couldn’t find shoes over here that were exactly right either so I ended up getting my best friend in the UK pick some up for me!  I had a brief vacation there right before the Wedding to collect them and also got to shop for Wedding undies and a wrap there with my Mummy, who I hadn’t seen for 3 years!

My girlfriends and I had a craft night to make my hair fascinator (the base of which was actually a bargain bin flower from Claire’s Accessories!) but sadly we are mostly all very untalented and ended up mostly gluing ourselves together and eating cake.  Fortunately I have one friend who is gifted in such areas- she has an adorable Etsy Shop Everybody’s Darling and custom makes hair pieces from vintage & reclaimed materials.  She  created a beautiful fascinator for me while the rest of us giggled and fired the glue gun at each other.  It was wonderful to have so many people I love be so involved in my outfit.

My OLD was a vintage rose coral necklace which my Aunt passed along to me when I was born.
New was my amazing dress and Dorothy shoes 😉
Borrowed: A gorgeous coral rose pin that my grandmother gave to my mother, who kindly lent it to me.
Blue: A pretty little faux pearl bracelet with blue skulls I found on etsy.  My sheer chance also, the Viva Las Vegas entry wristband (which I couldn’t take off as we were going back there after the wedding) was also blue!

My son is named Braeden, hence the large tattoo on my upper arm.  I also have his birthday tattooed on my upper knuckles and ‘Bumbafast’ (which is a word he made up when he was 2 but wouldn’t tell anybody what it meant!) on my right foot.  I have my mother’s name in the ditch of one arm and my father’s in the other. The compass on the back of my hand points SW with a tiny 17- SW17 is the postal code for the part of London I grew up in. Oh, and I have tattoos of my two favourite movies- Beetle Juice & Little Shop of Horrors

As for couple/wedding tattoos, I just had my first sitting for one last week!  Zombie versions of Elvis, my hubby and I from one of our wedding photos with an archway of red roses (which were my wedding flowers).

Aren’t they AMAZING! I do love a Vegas wedding! Do leave the lovely couple some love – Emma and Wayne are a great couple! (Photos were taken by family, themselves and the chapel photographer.)

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