Tattoo Tuesday: 3rd July 2012 [UK Tattooed Bride & Wedding Blog]

Welcome to another edition of Tattoo Tuesday – featuring inspiration and pictures of AMAZING tattoos every week! This week it is my pleasure to introduce Leah of Leah Spicer Creative to Marry Me Ink with her Watership Down tattoo on the back of her neck!

Leah’s “Black Rabbit of Inlé”

I got this tattoo last year. I’d been wanting a tattoo on the back of my neck for quite some time, but wanted to choose something that was special to me, and meant something. I also only have black tattoos so it needed to be something that would work well in black and white.

After rewatching Watership Down for the first time in around 10 years I was reminded of how much I loved the film, and it bought back so many memories and I felt such nostalgia whilst watching it. The black rabbit of Inlé appears in rabbit folklore in the film, and is the rabbit equivalent of the grim reaper. When I saw the image of the ghostly black rabbit floating across the screen I knew it would make a perfect tattoo! Despite being a little scary and a LOT sad, Watership Down was one of my favourite films as a child and I also loved the book, which along with Call of the Wild and The Wind in the Willows was one of the many books leant to me by my Grandad so it is really special to me.”

What a great story! Don’t forget to email in you tattoo stories to to be part of Tattoo Tuesday!

One response to “Tattoo Tuesday: 3rd July 2012 [UK Tattooed Bride & Wedding Blog]

  1. Leah, love this!! I have a little print of this rabbit on my wall! It is quite a dark image on the surface, but also weirdly has a reassuring feeling too. Gorgeous.