Tattoo Tuesday: 24th July 2012 [UK Tattooed Bride Blog]

Welcome to another edition of tattoo Tuesday – The weekly post where you can email in your tattoo stories or, if you’re an artist, send in you favourite tattoo pieces. Which is exactly what this lovely lady has done..

Amy Grant. She is a new favourite of mine after finding her work on Intsagram. The colour and lining she uses in her tattooing is phenominal – especially in her vintage pieces such as mirrors and teacups.
Amy tattoos at Institute in Gorleston-On-Sea, Norfolk. You can see the studio’s Facebook here and Amy’s work here.

“Okay so this is my favourite one that I’ve been privileged to tattoo, the customer sent me some old flash of a smoking fighter pilot woman and for the life of me I can’t find the original or the artist who done it! But I re-drew the whole thing and can remember being nervous about whether he’d like it because it was so different to what he’d sent.

The reason its my favourite is because it was the last tattoo I done before I finished my apprenticeship, it was the one that made me feel comfortable and confident in what I was doing.”

Isn’t Amy’s work AWESOME?!! Don’t forget you can email in your tattoos and stories to

One response to “Tattoo Tuesday: 24th July 2012 [UK Tattooed Bride Blog]

  1. I really love the strength of the fighter pilot woman and the softness of the flowers adding colour to the piece. Brilliant work!