What I’ve Been Up To: Saturday 28th July 2012

Hi guys! How have we all been this week? Did you watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night? This here is my favourite picture of the night:

Hehe – I kid, I saw it this morning and found it quite funny. I loved The Hunger Games film, the book series is next on my list to read! (I’m on the last 100 pages of Larsson’s “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” – It’s taking me a while but I’m enjoying it.) What are you reading?

What’s all your news? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to? I have been left in charge of the family house and two pairs of guinea pigs whilst they all jetted off to Portugal for two weeks. I woke up on Tuesday morning to find these:

Yep – Two extra guinea pigs than I agreed to pig-sit, making that now three pairs!
Then, My temporary wardrobe decided to collapse, leaving me with piles and piles of clothes everywhere. I’ve seen a simple one from IKEA which I can add my own handles and decoration to, but for some reason, the website doesn’t want me to buy online?

Then of course I’ve been catching up with True Blood and Once Upon A Time. (It’s all happening in these two if you like your series!)

I’m going to go and make some lunch I think now – Bacon & eggs is good enough? And I’ll be experimenting with my hair later! Lots of lovely Directions colours! 
Enjoy your weekend guys, there’s lots of lovely things coming up next week!

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