Accessories Ahoy! Preciously Mine competition!

Good afternoon and a happy 1st of the month!
To keep you in high spirits with this weather we’re having, I shall introduce you to one of my current crushes: Preciously Mine – “Classic, edgy and geeky accessories for ladies & gentlemen”

Preciously Mine Nautical Collection

Aren’t they gorgeous? Audrey is a fashion designer from Québec, creating clutches, handbags, wallets, iPhone, iPad and MacBook sleeves.
This week I had chance to speak to owner Audrey about her lovely clutches and how Preciously Mine started..

“I’m Audrey Lavoie, owner and designer of Preciously Mine.
Fashion school drop out, I finally found the time to start my business in November 2011. I started by making hair bows and bow ties to experiment with leather and vinyl. A couple of months later, I dreamt of a bow clutch and tried to make it the following morning! The result wasn’t fabulous but it was a good start. In March 2012, I came up with the first improved Preciously Mine bow clutch. I’ve been making clutches, purses, tote bags, wallets & other accessories since.

Black on Black Curved Envelope Clutch with Cheetah Lining

“My very first tattoo was 3 small stars on my left hip that I got at 17 years old. Two years later I started getting big pieces and it hasn’t stopped!
I have PRINCESS on my knuckles with a crown and a diamond on my thumbs. I also have a heart on the lower knuckle of my ring finger. My right arm is a Japanese sleeve with a sushi roll on my wrist (I’m obsessed!!!) and I have a white Lily with my grandma’s name in a banner. My left arm is mostly dedicated to fashion & makeup (I’m also a licensed cosmetologist). I have dress form with roses, a compact mirror, scissors, red lipstick, an old school sewing machine, an acorn on my wrist, and owl, and 13 in Roman numbers (I got it on Friday the 13 and I was born a 13)

Anchor & Polka Dot Bow Clutch

“I’ve always been into fashion and I follow many designer’s runways and trend books. My favourite “color” has always been black and I have a preference for edgy things. I incorporate studs and spikes here and there when I can and most of my bags are black! However, I love playing with bright and pastel colors, especially for the summer! I try to give each bag a colourful touch, with an edgy detail, but keeping it classy. I keep in mind that as a young lady, I like to have a clutch that matches my casual outfit just as good as my black dress and stilettos!

Floral Curved Envelope Clutch

“I recently came up with a new style with a curved flap. All that comes to my mind is “Curvy is sexy, so are you!”.
Accessories are the key of an amazing outfit. You can turn the most boring outfit into a sublime success with the best accessories, and it’s my goal! I want my customers to glow and make heads turn with a high quality handmade Preciously Mine handbag.

Skull Print Bow Clutch

“Style wise, I would definitely go for the envelope clutches. They are simple and classy looking. I make them in white, light beige, black, navy blue, charcoal & red vinyl.

Floral Bow Clutch

“No matter what is the theme of the wedding, I think most brides can find a clutch that matches their theme and their personality at the same time. I also offer custom work, meaning I shop for a specific fabric requested by the bride to match the wedding colors.”

Beige vinyl & coral lace bow clutch

Aren’t they amazing? I love these clutches (My favourites being the nautical range of course!) and I know you all will too. This is why I am giving a chance to WIN A CLUTCH OF YOUR CHOICE this coming week on the blog and it’s SO easy to enter!

Entry Rules:

  1. “LIKE” Marry Me Ink on Facebook & “Follow” on Twitter.
  2. “LIKE” Preciously Mine on Facebook
  3. Comment on this post which CLUTCH you would like (You can view them here)
  4. One entry per person! (Be sure to fill in the e-mail field so I can contact you!)
  6. Winner will be announced on the blog and contacted Wednesday 8th August.

Go on!! Share the competition around and get entering!!

10 responses to “Accessories Ahoy! Preciously Mine competition!

  1. Your Comments LOVE the nautical print clutch!!! Give me an anchor & ships wheel on a bow & I’m In crazy happy 🙂

  2. Ooooooo pretty!!! LOVE this one!! I may have to buy if I dont win it, super cute!

  3. The floral bow clutch is amazing! I want to be entered to win one of those please!!!

  4. Ooo the cuteness. I’m rather in love with the neon pink!

  5. OOO, they’re all beautiful, I rather like the nautical print clutch, I would love to win one!!!! 😀

  6. awww what a great design. Love the bandana idea. I always worry I’d lose a clutch but that’s a brilliant way of keeping hold of it!

  7. I do not have twitter but liked you guys on facebook! =) I love all Audrey’s stuff…new obsession but I would say that the first one I want would be the batman bow clutch because I`m a huge batman dork and I just bought my boyfriend the to be even more corny I’m gonna say it..I want us to match haha. Oh and cute blog..I’m hoping to be a tattooed bride in the next couple years! =)

  8. Ooooh these are so pretty!! I cant decide, Ill have to leave it up to you 🙂

    Either the Batman Print Bow Clutch or the Skull Print Bow Clutch. I really <3 both soooo much!!

  9. These are GORGE! Love the black curved clutch with stud 🙂 Studs make everything better 🙂

  10. Ohh the skull one is beautiful!!
    Liked and followed her!