Brodie and Sinead: A Rainforest Wedding On The Sunshine Coast

It’s true – I’m totally spoiling you this week before I jet off to Spain! This morning I bring you the awesome Brodie and Sinead where they married in her father’s rainforest!

Each of them look awesome, especially Sinead who had not one or two, but THREE dresses to wear on the day. Beautiful images from Ian C Pool and Clarissa Bones – collectively known as IC Bones. I had the chance to speak with Sinead and Brodie about their wedding day:

“We met at Soundwave metal festival in 2007 where we were both having a rad time with our best friends. We had a great night and met up again at the Overcranked festival a month later, went for a date the week after and have been best friends and lovers ever since.

“We got engaged in January 2011, and were married in May 2012. We dilly dallied a bit over setting the date and what exactly we were going to do, but somehow everything fell into place.

We were living in Brisbane at the time, but we always loooooved getting away for a weekend to visit my dad on the Sunshine Coast – the memories were very dear to our hearts. We asked Dad if we could use the rainforest at his property as our wedding location and it all went from there.

“I really wanted somewhere that we could make the celebration our own and this seemed the perfect answer. It wasn’t until closer to the date that we realised the location was considered a destination and made the logistics a bit difficult for some of our guests – so we all the more appreciated the effort they made to come along.

Our engagement rings are tattoos! Brodie got me out of work early (at a time when I really, really appreciated that) and took me to our tattooist’s studio to get matching diamonds on our ring fingers. Our wedding rings (Brodie’s is a plain band, mine is an Irish claddagh) sit nicely over the top of them!

“I hardly notice my tattoos so it wasn’t really a consideration when choosing a dress, I knew they’d be in view since I have a sleeve.
I found it really hard to narrow down dress choices, which is probably why I ended up wearing 3 different ones on the day.

– I hand-dyed bamboo silk, bamboo twill and chiffon silk in a bright fire engine red and had a corset made from the twill and silk by the super talented Zoe Felice. I made a matching full skirt with a chiffon frill and my mum helped to embellish the corset with tiny bows. I then used some chiffon trim & ribbons to concoct halter straps for the top. I was really happy with how it turned out in the end.
– We only finished the first dress a few days before so I decided against making a second (smart girl huh!) and my mum and I went to a vintage store where I found a beautiful polka dot fifties dress – which matched my shoes! This became my reception dress, I paired it with a black rose trim belt I’d bought for something else entirely.
– My grandma Ruby brought a beautiful sun dress with her – the fabric was gifted to her from her grandma on her 21st birthday, and she made the dress with matching bolero and belt not long after. I was really touched to be wearing so much of my mum’s family’s history, and stoked that it fit me – just!

“Brodie and I lived in Belfast for almost a year in 2008, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of my father’s family, they were an immense help and comfort to us when we were far from home. A few of them were able to make the journey out and it was really amazing to have them there. My grandparents on my mum’s side live a good distance from where the wedding was to be held – they had planned on driving down a few days before however my Grandad fell quite ill with vertigo, rendering him unable to do almost anything, and they quickly had to change plans. At first we didn’t think Grandad was going to be able to come at all and Grandma would come on her own, but Grandad ended up feeling better enough to insist that they make the 13 hour bus journey together, and so we picked them up the day before. We were really glad they were both able to make it, especially considering the circumstances.

“Having our immediate family all there was awesome as well – it’s not often they’re all in one place so that was very special. Another highlight of course was that so many beautiful friends of ours made the trip up and shared it with us – it was fantastic. We were very touched.”

Aren’t Brodie & Sinead gorgeous?!! Be sure to leave them some love – I’ve been so excited to share their wedding with you as soon as their officiator Jo of BIG Love Weddings & Celebrations told me all about them. Thank you to IC BONES, Jo and of course Brodie and Sinead for sharing their special day with us today!

Thank you’s:
– Our photographers, Ian C Pool and Clarissa Bones – collectively known as IC Bones.
– My bridesmaid’s and I’s hair by Debbie Pevitt from Canary Hair & Beauty.
– My bridesmaid’s and I’s make-up by Meghan Bell from Illamasqua.
– DJing by Phill Corpe AKA Resistor.
– Amazing burlesque performance by the incredible Miss BB le Buff.
– Our bar ninjas Nash & Molly
– My grandma Ruby contributing a beautiful cake and my third dress for the day, a beautiful vintage dress she made over 60 years ago.
– My father’s partner Katherine, a talented artist, making glass cake decorations for us – featuring our 4 chickens and pug Winston.
– The ‘mother’s’ had their make-up done by Brodie’s brother’s partner Krystal Richardson.

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