The Big Red Barn Wedding: Casey & Jacob

Good afternoon! I’m still recovering from a fab week away in Murcia. Today I bring you a beautiful wedding in a big red barn! I met Casey and Jacob online through a band that Jacob was a part of (Which is actually how these two originally met also!) When I saw they were getting hitched – I contacted Casey straight away – she looked gorgeous on her wedding day complete with awesome bridesmaids in yellow!

“Jacob was in a band called Mike Mains & The Branches with some of my dear friends. When his band mate Shannon and I were in a wedding together, he saw some photos of me and told her I was beautiful. I was seeing someone else at the time.. so the following summer, he introduced himself to me. He was touring with his band, and we talked almost every day. One day I rented a car and drove five hours to see him play a show.

That night he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we’ve been happily in love ever since!

He would tour and we would send each other pictures and letters every day while he was gone. Finally, when he asked me to marry him, he moved to Chicago to prepare to build our lives together.

“From the big red barn to the DIY projects, our friends said they knew they were at our wedding. We decorated the centrepieces with owls, had a custom illustrated portrait made, wrapped our initials in yarn, and photos of us throughout our relationship around. We also set up a photo booth so we could have personal photos of our friends and family.

“I knew I wanted a strapless sweetheart dress to accentuate my shape, and I knew that my arm tattoos would flow really well with that style.
Jacob’s tattoos and mine both reflect our devotion to Jesus and His love. On one of my arms, I have lyrics from a mewithoutYou song: “oh risen Lord, my precious One.” On my other arm I have a vintage-looking piece that says “How Great Thou Art.” My husband’s tattoos weren’t really visible at our wedding, but he has an anchor, a scripture from Hebrews, and several other meaningful tattoos.

“On the last day of our honeymoon we decided to get thigh tattoos together. Jacob got a piece honouring his dad, and I got a vintage sewing machine, yarn balls & flowers.

If you can do anything, book a wedding coordinator!!

Even if they are only around to help you for just the wedding day – they are important for carrying out your dreams and desires for the day. And best of all, they help with any last minute issues so you can sit back and be excited about getting married!”

How amazing are Casey & Jacob?! Thank you to them both and their wedding photographer Sean Cook for sharing their special day with Marry Me Ink! And another huge thank you to Kristine Aletha Weddings who was their coordinator on their wedding day! I also featured lots of images of Casey & Jacob’s day as there was so many to choose from!

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One response to “The Big Red Barn Wedding: Casey & Jacob

  1. I absolutely loved every bit of this wedding, from the attire, creative ideas, and even the photography! It looks like the couple and their guests had a lot of fun organizing and executing the wedding. I had so much fun watching them have fun. hahaha this really inspired me to do something original for my own wedding. Congrats to the newly weds!!