A ColourFUN, Dinotastic Wedding: Ren & Tim

How beautiful do Ren & Tim look on their wedding day? Photographed by the amazing Tino&Pip Photography – Ren & Tim’s wedding was VERY colourful – full of paper cranes and garden games at an old watermill. Just what Marry Me Ink loves!!

“Throughout my wedding journey, I was judged by the majority of suppliers and there was always a mention of how I was going to cover up my back tattoo or what I could do to make it less obvious. My mother has never liked my tattoos and chose to not mention it after it was clear that I would be showing all. So I booked in with my tattooist to try and get as much coloured in before the big day and although I still have 12 hours left it looked amazing.

No one in my family apart from my sister and parents even knew I had tattoos and no one apart from Tim had seen it coloured in so it was a nice surprise to everyone. Even my mega conservative family complimented it which left me astounded. As for the nose ring, I can’t see it, I don’t feel it, and it is just part of me. If I hide it I would feel like I was trying to be someone else and it is bloody uncomfortable for a hay fever sufferer to be hidden. It took guts to stand there in front of all the people I loved and bare all to them but it was the right decision.
My mother even said it looked nice which is the biggest compliment I could ever receive from her.

“We are both very colourful people so we knew the wedding needed to be bright. I loved the idea of party bags and when we looked into them they were cheaper and much more fun than some soap or some almonds. We filled them with toys, costume jewellery and temporary tattoos and they went down a treat with all ages.

“When it came to the cake, I was adamant that we had skulls dinosaurs and although it was met with scepticism from the traditionalist family, they warmed to it after a few months.

I decided to DIY the cake. We found plain fruit cakes in Tesco for dirt cheap (three tiers for £32) and decided to just decorate myself. How hard could it be? The only main issue was as I assumed it would be fine so I didn’t practice. Idiot Alert. My plan was to paint each tier one of the wedding colours (yellow, orange and pink) then add my flowers and skulls to decorate. So the week before the wedding I started painting the cakes and it was a total disaster. The yellow was fine but the other two were blotchy and runny and the icing started peeling off. My mother sat me down 2 days before the wedding and confronted the truth, we needed another plan. I was barely sleeping and feeling a little stressed to say the least so burst into tears. My little sister and maid of honour went into superhero mode and came up with the idea of cupcakes. She sent my dad out to buy massive ones from Costco and we started making some as well pretty much straight away.

“If you are going to DIY no matter how easy it looks. Do not be cocky and no matter how little time you have for the sake of you and the people around you practise! We also tried making the cranes ourselves but just kept making wonky pterodactyls so decided to give in and find a professional to do it.. Not a failure just a lesson learned.”

How amazing is this wedding?!!! Seriously – It is epic!! My favourites being the paper cranes and the classic videos on their tables.

Ren & Tim bought their amazing cake toppers from Etsy store TheAirCastle and flowers from Bloom2. All props and decorations were DIY and purchased online or from the many car boots they visited!
Ren wore a Trudy Lee dress and hair & make-up was by the amazing Joyce of Brides and Beauty.
A huge thank you to Tino&Pip Photography for sharing this wedding with Marry Me Ink today! Be sure to leave Ren & Tim some love!

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