A Wedding At The Lighthouse

“Our eyes met across a crowded room…. no seriously! And that’s what I always tell people when they ask.”

Good evening! What a treat Marry Me Ink has for you today! This wedding I saw one lovely morning by Aislinn of Boo Boo Kitty Couture as she created the lovely Emma’s wedding dress (You can see the recent feature on Marry Me Ink here)

I love the idea of getting married on the coast – How better to perfect that idea with an AWESOME LIGHTHOUSE!!

MHL Photography

“We tried to make as much of the wedding represent us as possible, the atmosphere was relaxed and calm but amazingly fun. The location itself was quite meaningful as we make a conscious effort to visit the coast every time were up north staying with my parents, it just seemed only right for us to be married there.

My sister made the amazing wedding cake for us with a tattoo style heart and scroll saying ‘Til Death with a bride and groom skeleton topper. It was based on a personalised necklace and cuff links that we had ordered for a friends wedding a couple of years earlier. Three layers, one of tropical fruit cake, Victoria sponge with white chocolate butter cream and chocolate ganache cake. The cake was near the dance floor and later on it got pretty hot in there, so much so that the heart melted and broke in two leaving the half saying “death” left on the cake. I think my sis was a little upset but everyone else thought it was hilarious!

“A lot of the wedding was DIY, I have a really crafty family! My bouquet was made by my mum featuring brooches from both my Nana and Grannie and some donated by friends. It is hugely meaningful and my mum made a perfect job of it. She also made the bridesmaid bouquets and all of the buttonholes

I had planned on doing a lot of it myself but my mum took charge knowing how busy I was with my business. I crystalled my own shoes and made mine and Tony’s plugs for our stretched ears and the cake was made by my sister. I had a huge amount of fun creating the playlist too, thinking about who would be dancing to what!

“My tattoos are such a part of me that I do sometimes forget to take them into account! If I had I guess I would have had a shorter dress as most of my tattoos are on my legs. What I did take into account was my body shape and unintentionally it worked in with the whole deco nautical theme of the wedding. I have a natural hourglass so I thought why not celebrate it! I cannot praise Aislinn of Boo Boo Kitty Couture enough. We sat down for half an hour break when we were working together and I explained my idea. She just got it.

“Plans are there to get wedding tattoos – One of our best friends (and tattoo artist) Kerry-Anne Richardson (Cock a Snook – Newcastle) gave us an amazing lighthouse painting as our wedding gift. I think Tony will be getting it as a chest piece and I will have it under my right arm to fit with my sunrise tattoo. We’ve also planned to have “Complete” across our knuckles so that when we hold hands it still reads true.”

How AMAZING are Emma and Tony?! Be sure to leave them both some love. And also a huge thank you to them both amd their photographer MHL Photography for sharing their awesome wedding with Marry Me Ink today!

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  1. Oooooooh, married in a lighthouse, how cool?!? Gorgeous wedding x

  2. Beautiful.
    Which Lighthouse is this?